For some, Keromask may be a brand that you haven’t heard of, or holds some association as a brand for people wanting to cover or hide part of themselves like tattoos, birth marks, scarring etc with corrective makeup. I have already reviewed their amazing Camouflage Cream which can hide/cover most tattoos, scars and birth marks and was so wowed over by how amazing it was when I was offered the chance to try the Mineral Rich Finishing Powder I jumped at the opportunity!

Here is a little information straight from Keromask about their Mineral Rich Finishing Powder:

*Keromask Mineral Rich Finishing Powders come in four shades (translucent, light, medium and dark) ensuring a perfect colur match for all skin types. These powders not only set the foundation, helping to keep it in place, but also prepare the skin for additional “dry” products to be applied, e.g. eye shadows and blushers. Once the base is set, any additional products will easily glide on to the skin.


The compact is a good size and feels very sturdy in your hand. I’ll be honest and say I’ve actually dropped mine but it didn’t break and everything was in tact! The mirror inside the casing is a good size and the little brush it comes with it perfect for applying the powder under the eyes. For the skin I opt for a large powder brush or my large kabuki when applying the powder. To release the powder you twist the inner circle part inside the compact and the powder (Which is loose and fine) comes up through the vent like holes. This means you never waste lots of powder and can twist a small amount just releasing what you need. It is also great if you carry the compact in your bag as it means you don’t open it with powder flying everywhere!

For those of you who check out my blog regularly and also my YouTube you will know that the Keromask Mineral Finishing Powder has had a very big impact on me. I have it in Light which I found was perfect for my skin tone. Having tried the Camouflage kit and knowing some of the colours come off a little dark (In reality I am quite pale when not fake tanning!) I knew I would have to use the Light or White powder. I do think with the Keromask powders and how the powder seems to adapt to the skin that the 4 shades would cover most skin tones and depths.

I loved this product so much it was featured in my December 2011 Favourites Video and then in my 2011 Favourite Products Video! The Mineral Rich Finishing powder is something I use almost daily. I find it sets my makeup perfectly giving me a matt finish. All products I apply over it last throughout the day and I don’t look shiny or oily at all. I also find it makes my foundation last longer meaning I have better coverage of that too!

Without a doubt I feel Keromask are a company people really need to look to for everyday coverage of their makeup and not just for specialising in skin problems with scarring, tattoos and birthmarks etc. In the future I will be purchasing Keromask’s Mineral Rich Finishing Powder again, at £15.99 for 20g of product that is going to last a long time, gives amazing coverage and setting properties I feel it is well worth paying a little extra!

Would you consider swapping your setting powder for Mineral Rich Finishing Powder by Keromask? What are you thoughts on their products?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx