Whenever I think of St Tropez I usually think of tanning products, ok I’ll admit being somewhere hot and beautiful also springs to mind but mostly I think of tanning.

St Tropez Bronzing Rocks, Skin Illuminator and Natural Radiance Self Tan for Face

One of the first ‘coloured’ tans I ever used was St Tropez and it was my self tan of choice for years; unbeknown to me they don’t just offer tanning products to make us a beautiful shade of brown! I was asked if I would like too try a few products from St Tropez and wanted to share my thoughts on them with you.

 St Tropez Skin Illuminator in Violet

When I saw the St Tropez Skin Illuminator I got rather excited. I love these type of creams as they are great as high lights and drawing attention too wherever you apply them, I generally use illuminators on my cheekbones and brow bone. If they are the right tone and applied lightly you can also apply them to your cupids bow (Just above your top lip) to accentuate it. If you want too brighten your whole face a small amount mixed with your usual foundation and you can have an all over ‘glowing’ look – very pretty for an evening look and always reminds me of Jennifer Lopez for some reason.

St Tropez Skin Illuminator doesn’t disappoint in my books either! The one I was sent is in Violet (The best seller from S Tropez illuminators), but they also stock Rose and Gold (I think the gold one would be amazing for the Summer). It is perfect for any skin tone and is so easy too apply, it literally glides on your skin. I like to apply a small dab too  my finger tips and gently pat it across my cheek bone and brow bone. It is so subtle and yet the light then catches it and you have the most amazing violet sheen radiance.

The cream looks white when it comes out of the tube

Look how the light catches where the Illuminator is applied.

You can apply the cream pretty much anywhere (Externally obviously) to add some sheen and radiance; on arms and the chest would look amazing for a night out!

I had no reaction too this product what so ever and even tried it mixed with my foundation. A little goes a very long way so I think this tube would last quite a while.

St Tropez Skin Illuminator is £12.26 for 50ml. If you were using this just on your face it would last ages! It is quite pigmented so you really don’t need to use much of this product and I feel for 50ml of this product £12.26 is a very good price.

St Tropez Bronzing Rocks

Probably my favourite product of the three I was sent, St Tropez Bronzing Rocks are beautiful! Firstly the packaging is so classic and simple yet I am drawn too it. I am a packaging freak and a products packaging will often denote whether I purchase the product at all. The box its self it great but the actual product is really impressive in the looks department!

These are shimmering bronzing rocks so they will give you a beautiful glowing tanned look with sparkle. Perfect for applying to areas you want a glow and too draw attention too. I use bronzing rocks on my cheeks to give me a radiant glow and also on my chest to add a little sparkle if I am going out. A light dusting with a large Kabuki brush can do wonders too your skin – especially when the weather is cold it can be like you own little bit of Summer on your skin!

A heavier swatch of the Bronzing Rocks by St Tropez

The swatch blended out too give a warm glow with some shimmer

They are very versatile and quite pigmented if applied with a small brush. You will notice from the swatch the rocks are a gorgeous russet brown colour and work great as an eyeshadow too compliment the cheeks. I think any Bronzer is a great investment for the sheer amount of ways you can use it.

Bronzing Rocks by St Tropez used across my cheeks too add some warmth and glow

The Bronzing Rocks from St Tropez are quite pricey at £30.64 for 40g but from experience and knowing how long these things can last you won’t need too buy any for quite a while and this is a product that would last ages!

Natural Radiance Self Tan For Face by St Tropez

I have only ever used one gradual tan on my face once before and will be honest and say I didn’t like it. I found it make me look ‘yellow’ and also broke me out quite badly. When I saw St Tropez Natural Radiance for the Face I was slightly dubious as to whether this too would make me look yellow and cause me skin problems too.

The cream its self is quite runny and has a slight ‘pearl’ like colour which on application gives your face a radiant look (Not a iridescent or bronzed one). It made my skin look more refreshed I think that would be the best way of describing it and the cream was quickly absorbed into my skin.

As with most gradual tanners,  Natural Radiance isn’t an ‘instant’ tan and builds up over time to give you a nice ‘natural’ glow. I did not look yellow and my skin did look brighter. St Tropez recommend you use Natural Radiance Self Tan For Face 2-3 times a week. I used it 3 times in one week and noticed a subtle tan on my face which definitely made me look less washed out. Naturally I am quite pale (I usually fake tan throughout the year) and the change using Natural Radiance was subtle, I don’t know how this would fair on skin darker than my own.

One of the things I liked about Natural Radiance Self Tan For Face by St Tropez was the packaging. As with almost all Self tans I have used in the past (Even the facial one) they have come in tubes which can make it hard to see how much you have left and when you need to replace it. Natural Radiance comes in a pot with a screw top lid, so you can easily see how much is in there and there’s more control on how much you are using too.

The Cream is a good consistency on the skin

The cream absorbs well into the skin

I did find a needed a good amount on my face when I applied it, as its a gradual tan I feel for almost anyone the results should be fool proof and I do not think you would get streaking at all. I think this product is great for the cold months when you just want a small amount of colour that is natural and too hydrate your skin for the cold weather. When it comes too being warmer again in Spring I could see me swapping back too using my normal fake tan on my face as I like more colour than Natural Radiance offered me.

My skin is fairly dry, it wasn’t dried out by this product however I did still moisturise at night like I have always done and used this every other day with a foundation over the top. I didn’t notice any reaction or breakout while using this either.

Natural Radiance Self Tan For Face is £21.50 for 50ml and I would imagine it would last a good time due.

Having tried these products from St Tropez I am more tempted too look into the brand again as I found all 3 products to be of a very good quality. I always liked my St Tropez Bronzing Lotion and think I may have to buy some again and review that too for you.

All products can be bought from St Tropez online and some high street retailers.

Have you tried any of the St Tropez range?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx