Up until recently I had a slightly ‘jaded’ opinion of John Frieda Precision Foam, so much so I still have a box sitting in my bathroom from over 6 months ago which I won’t use! I bought the product in question when it was on offer in Boots on 2 for £9 or something silly like that when I coloured my hair to a light brown (The shade is 6N). The results were less than impressive, I had extremely patchy hair colouring and had to colour over it again just so it didn’t look so terrible. Please bare in mind I’ve been colouring my hair years, I’m a hairdresser and NEVER have I had banding lines on my hair when colouring and rarely uneven colour, so to have as bad of a result as I did I really wasn’t happy. I never wrote my review up on the product as I never took photos of my hair and how bad it looked, I just coloured straight over it ASAP and forgot about it.

Jump forth to the present again and a conversation I was having with the lovely Sarah (From I am Fabilicious) on Twitter the other day. Her hair always looks amazing and so I asked her if she coloured it and if so what brand did she use. Her answer…John Frieda Precision Foam.

Now I know not every product works for everyone and what one person loves another will hate – but the results on Sarah’s hair and how lovely it actually looked… Well to be honest I kept thinking maybe I’d had a ‘duff’ batch, had I judged John Frieda precision foam too harshly? So after a few weeks of having my hair the gorgeous brunette I love and noticing some fade again I thought I best colour over it rather than looking a little strange (Blonde coming through brunette hair especially when yours is an ash blonde looks a little green shall we say!!). I decided I would try to use the foam again in a different shade (In case it was a bad batch) and see what results I would get. Here is my thoughts onJohn Frieda Precision Foam Colour.

I chose shade 4N Brilliant Brunette Dark Natural Brown, I didn’t want anything with red tones as I hate being brunette with too much red or orange in my hair. I’d read that the John Frieda colours could come out dark but I still chose this shade as it was identical to the end result I was hoping for.

The contents of the colour are similar to other foam colorants I have used, I will say though that John Frieda has the best instructions for colouring that I have ever seen. They are extremely thorough more so that other brands. This doesn’t really make a difference to me I have to admit as I am fine with colouring but for those who are clueless or new to it, then this could be ideal for you.

Mixing the colour and application was pretty easy. I did this as a full head because I had a fair bit of fade and I wanted an even solid colour result. I soon realised my mistake from last time and why I got such an uneven result. When it says to use all the colour on your hair, it means USE ALL THE COLOUR! Last time I had about a third left and my hair appeared to be covered. However it seemed to stress this largely in the instructions and because of this I thought this time I would do as they said. So I covered all my hair like I normally do and then I went back and covered it all again in sections till the colour was totally gone. I then massaged the foam too and cleaned around my hair line (This colour likes to stain your skin quickly). Many people mention their hair doesn’t look as ‘foamy’ as it does on the pictures in the instruction. My hair sits about 4-6″ below my shoulders and my hair was very foamy. I took a photo just before I rinsed the colour off, my hair has lost some of its foaminess but as you can see there is still a fair amount there (This is also after 22 minutes of developing).

Rinsing the colour was pretty easy, I then applied the conditioner that comes with the colour. It smells fruity and subtle, I left this on for a few minutes and then I rinsed thoroughly. I dried my hair afterwards and took some shots to show you the colour and condition.

As you can see the colour result is even and glossy. I was really impressed and this result is NOTHING like my previous problems I had experienced with 6N. I guess I’ll never know whether there was a problem with the colour or whether it was because I didn’t apply enough of the colour to my hair, either way I will definitely use all of the product from now on so the result is as good as this.

My hair is pretty correct to the colour on the box too, it does appear fairly dark in these photos but if you watch my recent February Favourites video you will notice in different lights it does change and it is actually a deep dark brown colour. I am also happy that the red tones are minimal and my hair doesn’t appear that nasty mahogany shade that some browns seem to get.

So would I use John Frieda Precision Colour Foam again?

Yes I would. I guess it proves that sometimes a second chance is a good thing! I really love the result, I have my lovely dark hair colour back again with colour and gloss. Several people noticed the colour was slightly different from last time and have said that they prefer this shade. I’m still not a massive fan of the foam colourants but the application was faily easy and the results far out weigh my dislike of foam colours

At present the John Frieda Precision Foam Colour range is on special in Boots and available for the devilish price of £6.66 (Usually £9.99 so a third off), I will definitely be picking another one up for when I’m due again!

Have you tried John Frieda Precision Colour Foam? A great complimenting shampoo and conditioner is theJohn frieda frizz ease shampoo and conditioner.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx