Review: Jermone Russell Bblonde Hair Lightener for Light to Medium Brown Hair

After numerous questions, emails and comments on my videos about going Blonde from Brown hair (To see my videos click here), I thought I’d review the product I used as often that’s what I get asked the most. I get so many questions from people wanting to do the same or something similar and I’m hoping this review will help a few people especially if you are thinking of taking the plunge to being blonde!


Here’s a little information straight from the lovely people at Jerome Russell about their product…

Blonde ambition? For fabulous blonde hair, use Bblonde hair lightener. In two variants for light to darker brunettes, this hair lightener gives maximum blonding whilst adding a fabulous, vibrant and shiny finish. These easy-to-use kits deliver a salon-quality colour experience and leave hair conditioned and looking fabulous!

• A professional lightening salon formula
• Flexible blonding
• Easy to use
• Leaves hair conditioned and shiny


For those of you wanting full details on how to use Bblonde, I thoroughly recommend you have a look at the Bblonde Applications and Techniques section. This guide also comes with the instructions of the kit, but for those wanting to take a look please click here…

This is purely a review and not a ‘how to’ or ‘tutorial’ post, as I’ve explained in my previous video on how I got my hair from Brown to Blonde part 2, I recommend you watching those if you are curious.

Bblonde Hair lightener comes in 2 strength –  Medium – Dark Brown hair and Light to Medium Brown Hair. The kit I am reviewing in this post is the Light to Medium Brown hair kit. My hair is a dark blonde naturally, but by following the necessary precautions before colouring and doing a strand test I know that 30 minutes is long enough to lift my natural hair where the regrowth is to the same colour as my mid-lengths and ends. I cannot stress enough, if you are colouring virgin hair (Hair with no colour on it at all – natural hair) or treated hair (This doesn’t just mean colours on your hair, but includes other treatments as well as colouring including; perming, relaxing etc) YOU MUST PERFORM A SENSITIVITY TEST AND STRAND TEST!

If you do not perform the SENSITIVITY TEST you could have a reaction to the products ingredients EVEN IF YOU HAVE NOT HAD ONE BEFORE! Just google reactions to hair colours and trust me, you do not want to take that risk!

Also, many people complain their hair has broke, dried out, fell out etc etc the strand test is essential.  If you do not do a STRAND TEST you are opening your hair up to a whole load of things that could happen for the sake of doing one and waiting a little while longer. Hair colouring is a science and as with all science experiments you should always work through the notions to get to the finished result and conclusion. With all that in mind, let me get back to the review….

The Bblonde Hair Lightener kit comes with everything you will need to colour your hair, just bare in mind if you have medium to long hair or your hair is thick – it may be best buying more than 1 kit to do it (Recently colouring a friends hair, it took 3 kits – her hair was nearly at waist length and thick too)! I however am doing my roots in this review, so 1 kit is adequate. Inside the kit you have the following;

A Tint Bowl and Brush

Powder Bleach

Peroxide 30 vol

Conditioning Shampoo

Full Instructions (Including Plastic Gloves on the Reverse)

A Plastic Cap (This is NOT a highlight cap but a cap you place on your head to keep the heat in and help with development)

You will also find it handy to have the following when colouring your hair;

An old towel (That you don’t mind getting bleach on)

An old top – I use an old vest which is covered in different hair colours and I’m not fussed about it gaining more. I find it easier than a towel and keeps me from getting colour on my good clothes.

A clock – To time you, most mobile phones have stop watches and I recommend using one for accuracy.

A comb and brush – goes without saying really.

Jermone Russell Bblonde Hair Lightener for Light to Medium Brown Hair Kit – Roots Before

No one likes to admit they colour their hair really and many of us like it to look as natural as possible. Still, I have included an image of my roots at present so you can see where I will be applying the product. I am using the regrowth method as I only need to colouring my roots where my natural hair has grown through and will not be applying the bleach anywhere else.

Mixing the products together is a breeze;

  1. Get everything ready first including your old clothes or towel around your shoulders and pop the gloves on!
  2. Place petroleum jelly/vasaline around your hair line and ears to stop the mixture burning you. DO NOT get this on the hair you are colouring as it works like a barrier.
  3. Empty the powder bleach and the developing liquid (peroxide) into the bowl.
  4. Mix the products together till you have a thick paste with minimal lumps. I always find there is a few lumps and some can’t be helped.
  5. Use the mixture ASAP! Don’t leave it! Once you have mixed it up it will start to lose its strength after a period of time, NEVER keep unused mixture!

As I stated earlier in this post, I know from my strand test that I leave the solution on for 30 minutes. HOWEVER, after about 15 minutes I tend to check my hair at 5 minute intervals and for the last 5 minutes keep a close eye on my hair.

Once my roots are at the shade of the rest of my hair I then need to rinse it off. Again, this is an easy task. Just rinse the bleach from your hair and then apply the Conditioning Shampoo that came with the kit. The Conditioning shampoo adds softness back to your hair and also STOPS any bleach parts you may have missed from developing further. Due to the conditioning shampoo I find I don’t need to add an additional conditioner to my hair, its really soft afterwards. However, you can add one now if you want too.

Jermone Russell Bblonde Hair Lightener for Light to Medium Brown Hair Kit – Roots After (Please note my roots are the same colour as my mid lengths, its hard to get an accurate picture)

Please bare in mind when ever lightening your hair with bleach you will probably need to add a toner to remove unwanted shades in your hair. Their are many on the market and I’ve done quite a few posts on them. Different coloured toners remove different tones, so make sure you but the correct one to remove the unwanted tone. To see posts I’ve done on toners, please click here…

Out of all the hair bleach lightening kits I have ever used I have found Bblonde to be the best one for my hair. My hair gets a really good colour result with it, I don’t have any reactions to the product and my hair is left soft, shiny and manageable. I’ve now used Bblonde kits and their products on my hair numerous times (Including on friends hair) whenever I need to bleach. Another plus with Bblonde is that you can buy the peroxide and bleach powder separately!

Their instructions and customer service really good too. If you have questions their responses are generally quite quick – great for people who need that extra bit of help!

The Bblonde Kits can be purchased in Boots, Superdrug, Lloyds Pharmacy and many Supermarkets. The Hair Lightener Kit costs £5.99.

For more information on BBlonde products, check out the Jerome Russell website, Bblonde Facebook and Twitter.

I really hope this review helps some people!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx