Review: Illuminare Mattifying Mineral Foundation in Portofino Porcelain

When the weather starts to get a bit cooler and we head into Autumn, my base changes too – much like the seasons. In Summer I prefer a light foundation with a sheer finish, almost barely there. In the colder months I like a heavier foundation with a matt finish – I like my base to look flawless.

I recently was sent a press release on the world’s first Mineral Liquid makeup, to see I was severely interested was an understatement. I had tried mineral foundations, but never a liquid formula! Here are my thoughts on the Illuminare Mattifying Mineral Foundation and why its going to be one of my Autumn must haves…

Here’s a little information about Illuminare Mattifying Mineral Foundation…

Illuminaire mattifying (Ultimate All Day) liquid mineral foundation gives a “Matte” finish. This mineral foundation has sunscreen of SPF 20

Can’t find a foundation that lasts? Well this oil-absorbing matte finish foundation is your match.

It will not rub off or sweat off and is highly water resistant.

Provides medium coverage to even skin tone and conceal blemishes.

No need for additional powder or blotting!

*Normal to dry skin types, prep skin with an oil-free moisturizer.

100% oil-free

.5oz (15ml)

Not tested on animals and vegan friendly. Suitable for sensitive skin.


The first thing I really liked about this foundation was the packaging. Being in a tube it means you are getting exactly the right amount out when applying it unlike with bottles and pumps – although this may be a love/hate thing for some, as if you squeeze too much out you can’t put it back in. I also liked that you can tell just how much product you have left, so you know when you need to repurchase. Another plus point for me was storage, being a small compact size it takes up minimal storage and is easily fitted into most makeup bags and purses leaving you enough room for other goodies.

Pleasantly the foundation has minimal fragrance. I’ve found recently many companies are upping the scents they use and they can be a little too overpowering. Illuminare Mattifying Mineral Foundation has a very light fragrance and it doesn’t linger on the skin either.

Illuminare Mattifying Mineral Foundation in Portofino Porcelain Swatch

I chose the medium shade Portofino Porcelain, which will be perfect for when I’ve lost some of my Summer tan but at present is a little fair for me. Still, its easily wearable if I warm it a little with some bronzer. Normally though, this would be a perfect match and being a foundation you do not need to add additional powder to set, is great for those who don’t want a ‘caked’ feel and find liquid foundation and powder a little too heavy.

This picture is taken in day light to show the amazing coverage. I am wearing only foundation over moisturiser and have no concealer or powder on!

Now just how much coverage do you get? I’ve tried MANY foundations before with varying degrees of coverage. This is without a doubt the most coverage I’ve ever had from just a foundations! I am completely amazed by it. I applied the Illuminare Mattifying Mineral Foundation onto my skin over my normal moisturiser. I didn’t apply another powder or concealer and coverage is definitely medium to heavy. All my blemishes were covered and the areas of my skin which do have pigmentation were totally covered. I loved that I felt I had great coverage but didn’t feel caked. This foundation is definitely a favourite for me this Autumn and I can see me purchasing this time and time again.

This product is suitable for sensitive skin, I did not have any reaction to it whatsoever.

The product comes in a 15ml (0.5 fl.oz) tube which is pretty small, I was dubious of this at first as surely it wouldn’t last very long? However, you do not need that much of the foundation at all to get amazing coverage. I have tried applying this with my fingers, a sponge and a brush and have to say that a brush is my favourite method. 4 tiny pea sized dots on my face and I have perfect coverage.

I do feel the tube will last a long time though due to the minimal amount you use. If I tried to compare it to other foundations I have, I’ll be honest and say I don’t have anything that’s like it for finish or coverage. It also out lasts all of my other foundations. For instance, the foundation boasts the following…

‘It will not rub off or sweat off and is highly water resistant.’

I applied this foundation on a day when the weather was 23 outside – nice, hot and very sunny. I do like to really try products I review under different conditions and I’m sure there are people out there who would wear a heavy foundation on a hot day. This foundation did not rub off, sweat off, wipe off or move throughout the day. My foundation looked as good at 5pm that evening as it did at 9am when I applied it! Now, if that isn’t impressive, what is?

Now, the matt finish won’t be for everyone. However, if you do like a matt finish, I definitely recommend giving Illuminare Mattifying Mineral Foundation a go. The foundation is oil free, so perfect for those who suffer with an oily complexion. If you are like me and have dry skin and won’t to use it, just make sure you apply an oil free moisturiser before hand. Illuminare also do other foundations, so I thoroughly recommend checking those out too.

Illuminare Mattifying Mineral Foundation retails at £21.95 which puts this at a high end foundation price in my opinion. I also feel this foundation is totally worth its price too. If you are worried about spending out that sort of money on a product that may not be right for you, you can also purchase a sample pack that contains 3 different foundations from Illuminare in their 3 different colour shades, this costs £4.95 and is ideal for those who aren’t sure whether they will have a reaction to the product or what shade would be best for them. If you didn’t want to buy the pack, you can buy the inidviual samples for £0.50 too!

You can purchase the Illuminare Mattifying Mineral Foundation from Cocktail Cosmetics where they also sell other products in the Illuminare range too. Their twitter is CocktailCosmet and website

If you would like more information on Illuminare, you can check them out on Facebook.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx