Review: HK Hair Extensions in Deluxe Butterscotch Highlights 20-22″ Full Head

Today I would like to share you my review of HK Hair Extensions (Formally HeadKandy) in Deluxe Butterscotch Highlights 20-22″ Full Head.

It started with a change of hair colour, but what prompted me was a set of extensions. I saw those and feel in love with the shade. Not Blonde, not brown – its the new trend called Bronde as worn by Beyonce, Jennifer Anniston and JLO. As you’ll see from my post the other day I love the new Butterscotch trend. I think its gorgeous, so summery and with a tan looks fantastic. I even posted on how I coloured my hair to reach the shade. But it was all riding on whether these extensions I had seen would match – bit of a risk when I hadn’t even ordered them at that point!

Without further ado here’s my review on the whole process; ordering, delivery and most importantly the product its self. I’d like to add here that I bought these extensions with Mark’s money and was no contacted by the company to do a review. I am also not an expert on hair extensions (Just a hairdresser with an NVQ), this is only my second set and my only comparison is to my old FoxyLocks extensions.

HK Hair Extensions are available through DirtyLooks, the site is easy to navigate, I liked that it gave me a serious amount of choice on the hair extensions, colours and lengths. Not many sites offer you so many different length; 12-14″, 16-18′, 20-22″ and 24-26″. The shade range was really good! I ordered mine 20-22″ and there was a choice of 21 different colours (20 plus 1 set which you can dye yourself!). So possibly a shade for all. In terms of price they were £99.99. About average in price to be fair for 180g (160g of 100% real remy human hair 20g of clips), although there’s not many companies that actually stock the extra thick lines and most I looked at were around 140g. Paying was easy and I was sent an email the following day (I ordered my extensions about 9pm at night) saying they had been dispatched and also told my tracking number to check through Royal Mail. 1 day later my extensions arrived! If you want me to be exact 39 hours after ordering! I was very impressed with this service! They also ship worldwide I believe and have different links so you can select where you live (I am guessing this is for currency).

Now for the good bits, the review on the extensions themselves. They were delivered in a small metallic envelope. When opened I was greeted wth a black glossy box from HeadKandy (Please note, the packaging may have changed with the name now being HK Hair Extensions). The box also had a label stating the extensions colour etc.


Inside the box was a plastic clear packet containing the hair extensions. By this point I was really excited as I could already see they were going to be a close match if not perfect.

The first thing I really loved about these extensions was how they had done the packaging. Often with extensions you need to get them out to see if they were a match, yet they then could not be returned. With HeadKandy they have done something quite clever, as you will see from the image below your packet can open both ends, but 1 end has a security/void label on. DO NOT OPEN THAT SIDE!! If you do you cannot return them – the security label must be intact for all returns.

However, do not worry! The other side has 1 extensions in a protective netting and is attached to a card that say ‘Look At Me’. It explains that you can look at this extensions for the shade and length to see if its a  match. But you can’t wear it, use heat or products on it etc if you want to return it. This I thought was fantastic! To be able to see and feel the extensions and know if they are right for you! I’d not experienced this before.

After looking at the single extensions, feeling it and checking the shade and I was totally happy (Which took all of about 2 minutes!) I then went and opened the main packed of hair (Breaking the seal so they can no longer be returned). Inside the main part (Please remember the other testing extension is part of your pack!!) is the extensions in a protective hair net and 2 extra clips (In case you need them). Again, I liked the packaging, how protected the actual extensions were but also the little touches! I was impressed already and hadn’t even tried them yet!

Upon feeling the hair I could already notice a serious difference to my Foxylocks (Please bare in mind my old extensions are to put it nicely knackered! They have now been coloured twice, heat styled a lot and are now 6 months old). They are really soft, almost unrealistically so. You stroke them and you can tell its hair but its like silk and I’m not just saying that. Super shiny and the most beautiful colour! If I was to describe them (From a hairdresser’s point of view) I would say they are mid brown with high lights and caramel low lights. The picture above doesn’t do them any justice at all!

Another thing I love about HeadKandy extensions is they come pre-cut. Many other extensions arrive and you need to trim 1″ or so off the ends to even them out. With these the ends are all perfect. Very nice and thick and not whispy.

The wefts and clips differ through extensions I have found, the way they lay the wefts out and how many clips each one has etc. I have taken a picture for you to see. The clips looked really good quality and all the seems on them were good and strong. I couldn’t believe how thin the seams looked (Not the hair on them but how they are sewn), it’s very good quality and not stiff or hard like others.

Another nifty thing about these wefts is that they are numbered. No more marking my extension clips with a permanent  marker pen! But what’s better, if you look in the essential guide booklet that comes with your extensions it has a diagram which tells you what numbered extension goes where! The booklet also contains lots of information on your hair extensions, how to care for them, what wefts are and how you can use them in your hair. The return form information is also on the back of this booklet.

I will be honest after reading through the booklet and taking all the pictures for this blog post with the SLR I then wanted to get these babies in! I was excited as they look and feel so good! Usually when I straighten (My own hair only) and put the extensions in it takes me about 8 minutes from start to finish. As these ones are different size wefts to what I was used too they probably took about 12 minutes. It wasn’t that they were any more difficult, it just took me longer looking for the numbered extension to go in the right places on my head.

I’ll put the pictures up here of me wearing them – please bare in mind I have not heat treated these extensions at all. This is how they came out of the box. I want to make that point as they look really good! I have only straightened my own hair and not gone over the extensions and my hair at the same time to blend them.

Apologies for looking so crap, I’m just tired and need to get some sleep. Early night part 2 for me tonight!!

I think the colour match is pretty spot on. The SLR lighting on the front pic is too centred so it makes my hair look lighter than the extensions, this is not the case and down to the flash on the camera.

Now my thoughts on HK Hair Extensions and why (For me) I find they are better than other extensions. They are pretty thick, no thicker than my foxylocks were on comparison but still thick. They feel really soft and look very natural (Well bar the length as I’ve gone for super long!). They blend really well without trying. I’m a hairdresser, I know what I’m doing so could make them blend without an issue no matter how thick the wefts were, but I personally think anyone could blend these very easily. They feel a lot lighter on than my foxylocks, more comfortable and the wefts feel lighter too. I don’t know if this is because they are distributed differently or not. I do have all 10 wefts in the pictures, I could have gotten away with 8 to be honest. I have not back combed my hair to conceal them at all and have no styling products in either. That’s just how natural they look! The colour looks fantastic, it could easily be worn by people darker haired than me (I don’t think lighter) and I’m now a base shade 7 because they are multi-toned blending to your own hair is so much easier!

The only reason I didn’t buy foxylocks this time is because I knew I would have to colour them straight from the start to get them to blend, I still think their extensions are good, but I do think HK Hair Extensions are better. The range is larger, the colour are good and I’ve heard that their customer service is very good too. I have to say I never thought I’d like an extension better than my Foxylocks, but HK Hair Extensions have literally changed my opinions on hair extensions and I can’t see myself buying anything else now!

If you would like more information on HK Hair Extensions, why not check them out on

Lots of love,

Mel xxxx