Review: HealGel Intensive

This post is for those who have dry skin, today I want to share with you my thoughts and findings on using HealGel Intensive and how its made a difference to my family’s skin.

HealGel Intensive

Here is a little information about HealGel Intensive…

HealGel is an aqueous gel, bringing together the best active ingredients to soothe, repair and protect your skin. 

The advanced skin rescue formula was designed by a team of the world’s leading plastic surgeons and a renowned dermatological biochemist.

It is cleverly designed; the nano-technological elements deliver predictably to the depth of the skin where they are needed most.

It is easy to use, being light, non-greasy and delicately fragranced.  It provides a perfect primer for any make-up applied, and you only need to use it sparingly.


When you suffer with dry skin its bad enough, unfortunately for me 2 of my children also suffer with it too. Over time I have tried many products to help combat it, or at least make it more comfortable.  Finding a product that suits everyone is near on impossible, but HealGel Intensive has been great on both myself and my childrens skin.

With the weather changes so much recently, my skin has gone into over drive. My eczema is more sore than normal (Under my eyes, this is namely because of stress). My son has a chapped mouth and my daughter has eczema patches on her arms which she won’t stop itching. Often the creams or gels we try and too greasy or not suitable for the face (Although I admit to trying them there), but HealGel isn’t like most of the creams I’ve tried, in fact its different in quite a few ways.

HealGel Intensive

Firstly, it looks like a gel. I find most gel products drying or lacking in moisturising qualities. However, this gel is really quite strange. When you apply it to the skin it almost dries like you have applied a talc to the skin, not in a powdery finish, but your skin is left really soft. For those who have children and used Avent Liquid Baby Talc, you might know what I mean. The skin is left really soft, smooth and less sore. Best of all, you aren’t left with that ‘wet’ moisturised feeling which can sometimes be sticky and greasy in texture.

I also noticed that the dry skin areas felt instant relief. My skin felt less tight and more comfortable. My sons dry chapped mouth went down within a few days of using this. He is terrible for licking his lips and the chapped-ness spreads down from his lower lip onto his face. HealGel Intensive really helped to relieve the sore area. My daughters eczema on her elbows also improved. Since using this, she hasn’t itched as much – again I think this has much to do with the ‘non-greasy’ formula of the product.

HealGel Intensive gel formula
HealGel Intensive gel formula

HealGel Intensive

The product really does absorb into the skin quickly which is brilliant for those of us who do use it on our faces and want to apply make up on top. Where I have my eczema under my eyes this gel leaves a good base for the concealer or foundation to go on – almost like a primer. Unlike creams which can make it hard to put make up on top.

This product works best in small quantities. Its easier to add more if you need it, than try and take it off. 1 pump is adequate to moisturise both my hands or 2 pumps is good for my face and neck. You really do not need very much. Also, I find it lasts well on my skin. I usually apply it first thing in the morning and then at night. My hands I apply it a little more often, but this is because of frequent washing up.

Lastly, I usually try and avoid fragrances items on my sensitive areas that have eczema or psoriasis but found this to be really good. The fragrance is light and smells amazing – although my son did say it smelt girlie.

Overall, I am so glad I tried HealGel. It has made a big difference to our skin and I will definitely continue to use it for as long as I need too on those areas which need a little more intensive treatment.

HealGel Intensive costs £37.50 fo3 30ml (1 fl.oz) of product and is available from HealGel. They also do other products in their range too.

For more information on HealGel, why not check out their Website, Facebook or Twitter?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx