Last Thursday while checking out a few blog posts I came across one of my favourite bloggers Liloo and a post she had written about a new company called Smooch Cosmetics. I was immediately taken in by the look of the products, their range and not forgetting their price as they are currently running an offer with 50% off everything till 16th September!

The concept of Smooch is so clever it’s hard not to love it;

‘The concept for Smooch came quite simply from a pair of knickers…… In fact not just one pair a whole drawer of lingerie to be exact.

Whilst getting ready for a big night out , Kitty mused over the fact that cosmetics were really like underwear – you have your basics, everyday white, black and nudes.  These are the foundation of your lingerie drawer.

Then you have the other section, the items you save for special occasions, the bra with extra lace that offers additional cleavage, the super sheer pants that give you a great bum with no vpl and make your legs go on forever.

Cosmetics are a little like your lingerie drawer, you have your everyday basics that you apply without really thinking about it, then you have the special mascara and uber gloss for that big night out.

Why thought Kitty, can’t we have a cosmetics range that combines the two , so Smooch came into being.

Smooch “It’s like wearing your naughty knickers to the office, your own saucy secret!”’ (*Source*)

It would have been rude not too purchase something after an introduction like that, so I purchased a few things to share with you all;

As you can see the packaging is gorgeous, and for three of these items that’s just the boxes! I love how they each had their own packaging (Except for the nail varnish) and how the lace was featured on all of them!

Inside the boxes we are greeted with sleek matt black, the logo design for Smooch just looks sexy on its own! I love the garter design on the Nail polish and Lip Gloss! Let me show you a closer look at each product.

The gorgeous Smooch Bronzer/Highlighter. This is beauty beyond belief! As soon as I saw this item on Liloo’s blog it was the first item I looked up on the Smooch website! The bronzer is beautiful It has a subtle shimmer which by no means is over powering and doesn’t leaving you looking sparkly. Just a beautiful bronze with small gold particles that reflect the light and make you glow!

I just couldn’t get a decent focused swatch of the bronzer no matter how I tried. But if you look at the photo of me at the bottom you will see I have applied it to my temples, nose and also across my cheek bone where I would usually apply high lighter. It really is versatile and beautiful. Usually the Smooch Bronzer costs £13.95 but you can get it till 16th September for a bargain price of £6.97.

Peachy Duo Blusher by Smooch is a gorgeous pink/peach blusher. It has a slight shimmer but one I love on my cheeks that makes me look tanned and flushed all at once!

It’s very subtle on me at present as I still have quite a tan on my face but as the Autumn months go on it will be more rosy I am sure. The blushers are a reasonable size so you can mix the two of them together or use them individually. I have not been using powdered blushers lately and opted more for the creme ones, but have to say I really love this. You can easily build them up the quite a depth!

Swatched you will see the pink one looks more shimmery but in fact its not. I love using them mixed together for slightly more intensity then adding the darker pink over the top to add slightly more definition to my cheek bones. The usual price of Duo Blusher is £8.50 but till the 16th September you can get this for £4.25.

Both the Blusher and Bronzer/Highlighter come with good decent sized mirrors. I especially love the Bronzer mirror which is the perfect size for my handbag!

Smooch Cosmetics Black Current Nail Polish is the only item from my order I have not swatched yet. Namely as I’ve just not had time and am currently reviewing something else on my nails. True to its name its a deep dark red and looks like it has a good glossy tone too it. I love the packaging with the garter print around the lid. It has a nice shaped brush too. As with most deep colours I think you would need 2 coats to get a perfect covering. I will be using this for a NOTD soon! Usually Smooch nails varnishes are £6.50 but at present you can buy them for £3.25 (Till 16th September).

I don’t think I have EVER bought a product because of its ‘Shade/Colour’ name but this one just stood out from the crowd with its gorgeous strong colour and name, ‘Spoilt Bitch’! A beautiful deep red gloss with the sexy garter design on the packaging.

The swatch is true to its colour and as you can see is deep berry red with slight sparkles. The sparkles are not largely present nor can you feel them in the gloss. The gloss is not sticky and glides on easily with the brush end, so you get good coverage/application. I really do love this gloss, it looks fantastic on its own or over a lipstick, feels very moisturising too! The lip gloss range at Smooch usually cost £7.50 but you can pick them up for £3.75 till 16th September.

Here’s a picture of me today wearing nothing but the Smooch Cosmetics I purchased! On my lips you will see Spoilt Bitch Lip Gloss, my cheeks have Peachy Duo Blusher and my forehead, nose, chin and upper cheek bones (As a high light) have the Smooch Bronzer.

I am really pleased with the Smooch Cosmetics I purchased. The packaging is gorgeous, the items are lovely and good quality. What really surprised me was the delivery, I ordered this items on Thursday night quite late and they arrive Saturday morning! I only chose a standard post too yet they came so fast. This was amazing I thought! They were also packaged really well and securely and arrived perfect, much as you would expect (Although I’ve had problems lately with other companies who aren’t packing their items well!!). Even with the price increase in September I will continue to check out and use Smooch products. I think their range is really good and I was impressed with the quality of the items I purchased. I really want too try some of their eyeshadows and have my eyes on;

Dare to Bare

Filthy Rich



So I have at least one more order to make with them yet when I have some money again. I thoroughly recommend them and hope you will check them out too!

Have you been Smooched Yet?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx