I was recently given the opportunity to review the Glamoriser by Diva Professional Styling and jumped at the chance! What hair mad woman wouldn’t? I have had so many stylers over the years I love to try new things and the Glamoriser is a bit like the perfect man – it does everything! (Ok maybe not breakfast in bed but its pretty close).

I’ll start by saying the Glamoriser takes styling to a whole new level – now people reading this review will be thinking, ‘Yeah yeah’ but I’m being serious. This is a multi-tool styler and can be used in so many ways due to its revolutionary design, many other styling products would be made redundant!

Let’s start with the Glamorisers features (Taken from the packaging);

  • Revolutionary barrel design creates unlimited glamorous styles
  • Titanium barrels polish the hair and provide fantastic instant heat transfer
  • Last temperature used memory switch on and style
  • Instant hear and temperature recovery
  • Digital heat controls between 160 and 230 degrees with temperature lock
  • Special hair extensions setting of 110 degrees
  • Unique back-lit display system
  • Barrel lock for spirals, drop curls and travel
  • Auto-off
  • BS/European plug adapter for travel

Not being one to usually read the box before using a product I was instantly drawn to the fact this is the first styler I have ever had in my possession that has a special heat setting designed for hair extensions! This got me extremely excited as even with the best care, love and attention in the world to your hair extensions they are easily damaged by large amounts of heat styling! I liked that I could vary the temperature control and it was a digital display, also that you can lock the barrel (So much easier when using the the styler like a conical wand). The most exciting point was the revolutionary design of the Glamoriser – it has a unique tear-drop design which means it can create tight or loose waves/curls!

After much anticipation I finally got the Glamoriser out of the box.

In the box you have the Glamoriser styler, heat protecting 3 finger glove (For use on left or right hand) and warranty card.

I immediately loved that they had made the heat protecting glove left or right handed – I’m right handed but so many companies forget about the lefties in this world! The style’s power lead is 3 meters long which is great, if you are like me and don’t always sit down or stand near a plug socket when styling, you like a little lead to play with for comfort.

The Glamoriser heats up in seconds – so quick I accidentally touched it after a few seconds and burnt my finger! I’ve done a couple of YouTube videos for you to see me using the styler and just how fast you can get things done! I was amazed I straightened my own hair in under 4 minutes (I don’t think I’ve ever done it that fast!) and managed to do loose waves with my extensions in about 6 minutes. It usually takes me about 8 minutes to straighten my hair and a good 25-35 minutes to curl it!



You can also do ‘flicks’ in you hair, add volume at the roots, straighten, curl, soft waves and even an almost large wavy effect (Similar to crimping) – something anyone can do with most lengths hair! I think as long as your hair is at least 2 inches in length you could use this styler. Maybe not as versatile in that length hair but anything longer and the skies the limit.

The Glamoriser can take the places of the following products (In my opinion); straighteners, large barrel curler, small barrel curler, conical wand, wave stylers and root lifting heat brush. This one product can do all that and probably save you a lot of money buying all those items too! It’s RRP is £79.99 which to some I know may sound expensive but as I said above, if you bought all these styling tools separately that this one tool can do, it would cost much more! Not only that you are getting something that does an amazing job. Just using the Glamoriser as a set of straighteners I found it to be better than GHD’s not just in heat, but in performance and at a fraction of the price! I’m beginning to feel like I’m on a commission based sales pitch – but I really love this styler.

Overall I am so glad I was given the opportunity to try out the new Glamoriser by Diva Professional Styling. It’s a fantastic styling tool which would be a great addition to any person who is a little hair mad; likes trying new styles or is even a hair dresser! I thoroughly recommend it and think Diva Professional Styling is a name we are going to be hearing so much of from now on!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx