Review: GHD Natural Bristle Radial Brush Size 3 (44mm Barrel)

Every now and then I get asked if I would like to review something which gets me awfully excited. For those who do follow more blog you will find that one ‘section’ I love to blog about is anything ‘Hair Related’. From training as a hair dresser to having a massive obsession with hair, I have used a wide range of products and tools. I do have favourites for my trade but am always willing to try new things. I was recently asked if I would like to try one of the new GHD Hair Brushes and I had only one answer in mind – YES!

For many this may shock you, but I have never used a set of GHD’s – the most popular hair straighteners (I feel in the world). GHD is a brand EVERYONE has heard of, but I mainly associate them with their famous straighteners (Which I’ve only EVER heard good things about – one day I promise I will review a pair I promise), could their brushes fair just as well?

My first love with this product was the packaging. Too often with brushes you get a basic plastic box which if I’m honest is a little boring. I know what you are thinking, its about whats inside that counts. But, I love good packaging and for me first impressions account for a lot. The sleek black box is really quite lovely and solid. The brush was really secure inside and protected.

I’d like to brake the brush down to parts and describe each part too you. You may just want to know how good this brush is but from a hair dressers point of view there’s more to a brush than what you can achieve with it!

The handle: The handle is soft and silky to touch. But not so it will slip from your hands – the ‘non slip’ design is really good and when using the brush I can say I have not dropped it once. Its nicely shaped and not too wide so will fit most hand sizes. I used to prefer wooden handled brushes but have found with time they can become scratched and sometimes sharp – the new design of many brushes including the GHD ones with their soft touch feel is perfect and means they will last a good time and remain comfortable.

The brush head: The radial brush I chose is a Size 3 which is a 44mm barrel. This size brush is designed for longer hair, although I personally feel any hair length hair which sits on your shoulders or longer is perfect for this size. For the perfect sleek blow dry this brush head size will create volume, body and give a perfect finish. Many people don’t think to use a round headed brush for a straight sleek blow dry, but professionally its the best you can use!

The bristles: The close setting of the natural bristles means you will get a sleek blow dry. If you take medium sized sections while blow drying with this brush you will be able to create a perfect, smooth finish. Another good thing is that the hair will dry tangle free while blow drying giving you a sleeker appearance too.

The weight: This brush is fairly heavy in the hand, but not so much that your hand will ache while blowdrying. The weight is evenly distributed and means when using the brush you can create good root lift and smooth ends just but revolving the brush while drying. I prefer a heavier brush as I feel you get more control.

Here is a little information straight from GHD about their Natural Bristle Radial Brush…


BEST FOR… The large barrel of the size 3 brush is best for blow-drying longer hair. Natural bristles create a smoother finish. TO USE… Blast hair until it’s 80% dry. Working with medium sections, place the brush into the root area and direct the heat from your dryer at the barrel. Keep the tension as you move the brush through your hair, directing heat at the barrel as you go. STYLE TIP… A round brush can double up as a dressing brush. Mist your Size 3 brush with ghd Style Final Shine Spray before gently brushing your lengths and ends to calm static and flyaways and add a glossy sheen.


  • ghd Natural Bristle Brush – Size 3
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  • Natural bristles for controlled styling
  • 44mm diameter barrel
  • Soft touch, non slip finish handle
  • Professional design & hand finished
Over all, I was extremely impressed with this brush. I achieved a voluminous blow dry on my own medium thick hair, creating body and a sleek appearance. My hair looked healthy and professional. I also tried this brush on finer hair and achieved good volume and body. Its a great brush for blow drying curly hair straight too because of the close bristle design.

As this is my first product I have ever used by GHD I have to say my expectations were high and everyone expectation was met. I would happily use GHD brushes on clients and my own hair based on my findings with this brush. My tools vary in price and the GHD range of styling brushes are a very reasonable price for their quality. They have a really good range too, which will meet most professional stylists needs and people who want a professional finish when styling their own hair.

You can see the full range of styling brushes and combs here at GHD (Click here).

Prices start at £7.50 for Combs, £15.00-£17.50 for Ceramic Brushes and £20.00 for their Natural Bristle range – including the Natural Bristle Radial Brush Size 3 (44mm Barrel) which I reviewed. There is also some great videos showing your how to use their tools which I think will be really helpful for many people out there.

For more information on GHD products why not check out their Website, Facebook or Twitter pages.

Would you consider trying the GHD brushes?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx