I’m beginning to feel all I do is write about my hair! Still when I was looking for an ultra red colour I didn’t find oodles of reviews on Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Fiery Red 6.60 nor before and after pictures. So, here is my review, thoughts and findings….

Review: Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Colour Fiery Red 6.60

Here is a little information about Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Fiery Red 6.60….

Nutrisse Ultra Color had intensity- enhancing technology for ultra vivid shiny colour.
Ultra Visible Result
Thanks to it’s colour customised shades, Nutrisse Ultre Color creates expressive colours & reflects. Even on naturally dark hair.
Ultra Vivid and Shiny Red 
The internsity-enhancing formula gives an ultra vivid and shiny red.
The rich colour creme diffuses the colour deep into the hair, for an extremely long-lasting colour result
Nourished, Healthy-looking Hair
Nourish as you colour. Enriched with fruit oils, the conditioner leaves hair looking healthy with a glossy shine.


What attracted me to this colour was 2 things;

  1. I’d used Garnier Nutrisse products before and found they left my hair really soft and manageable.
  2. The intensity of the red. Many of the reds I looked at were too coppery, too violet toned or too dark.

As my hair was already red and I’d recently applied the red toner over the top (For the review of Deep Red from Colour Restore click here) I had a good base for the colour to work over. I was doing this as a full head colour so my colour was more vibrant and would last.

Review: Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Colour Fiery Red 6.60

The result suggestions on the box looked good across the board if I’m honest, I was expecting something close to the image on the box and felt I would get there with this product.

Using this colour was fairly easy. You apply it to dry, unwashed hair (Mine was washed the day before with clarifying shampoo) and leave it for 25 minutes. Be sure to clean up your skin/hairline as you go otherwise you will have pink staining!!

Rinsing this product out took well over 10 minutes, reds are nightmares to rinse until the water runs clear and I had back ache well before it was finished! It may be easier to rinse most of it over the bath and then jump in the shower for the last of it if you are a back sufferer.

But, here is the bit you really want to see, the before and after – right?

My Hair before colouring with Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Fiery Red 6.60

Review: Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Fiery Red 6.60

My Hair After Colouring with Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Fiery Red 6.60

In the after picture my hair is actually a little more RED but the lighting was poor when the image was taken. As you can see, a definitely difference. My hair was extremely soft and glossy after and you wouldn’t know by looking everything I’d put my hair through recently!

So, if you are looking for a vibrant red shade to make your hair stand out – this is the colour for you. If however you are looking for a brown toned red, then I’d look else where. This colour isn’t an Ultra Colour for nothing that’s for sure!

After using Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color - fiery red 6.60 with extensions

After using Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color – fiery red 6.60 with extensions


I purchased my Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color in Fiery Red 6.60 from Superdrug where they are currently doing 2 for £9. In Boots they are £5.69 each. So, if you are going to stick with this shade its worth nipping to Superdrug and getting them while they are on offer!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx