In the past 4 weeks I’ve um’d and ahh’d over what to do with my hair. Now the Summer looks like it may have arrived its meant I am usually blonde. However, I get so bored with all the faff of the up keep of blonde hair. Don’t get me wrong I love my hair blonde but it takes a lot of work and really does make the condition of my hair a bit naff!

But I didn’t want to leave my hair the light brown that it was, namely as  my middle daughter A kept saying how my hair was ginger – this drove me nuts I’ll admit. Keeping my hair light brown is fairly easy but still (In my opinion) at times looked a bit washed out. So, I was at a cross roads, do I take it dark or take it light? Granted I could have kind of done both, but that would be more faff and I couldn’t be bothered. So, today I decided on a whim I was going to take it dark again. A trip to Tesco’s meant I was scanning the colour isle looking at brands. I had used the Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Foam Mousse before in a Dark Blonde but never reviewed it, so after seeing the gorgeous 4.14 Iced Mocha I decided that was the colour for me and thus here is the review.

Foam colorants aren’t really new to the market now, most brands have bought out their own versions. I still prefer liquid formulas as I feel you get a more precise application especially when doing yours roots. But the foams have come a long way and I quite like Garnier hair colorants as I find they leave my hair glossy and silky.

Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Foam Mousse Colour comes with everything you need to colour your hair. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and it even gives pictures too for those who need that little extra advice. If you really want me to pick holes with this colour the only thing I don’t like about it is the stupid plastic gloves they give you! I know people have reactions sometimes to latex gloves but I still prefer to wear them when colouring my own hair. However, that is my only complaint with regards to the box contents.

Application is pretty easy for a full head colour. I still sectioned my hair off as I feel this is the best way to get full, even coverage. I started with the ‘hot cross bun’ method which I always use, then did the hair line and started from the back upwards. I guess it probably took me about 5 minutes or so to put the colour on. My hair sits about 4″ below my shoulders and is medium thick, I used the whole colour and had nothing left. If your hair is thick and is longer than mine I would recommend getting 2 as you don’t want a patchy uneven result!

The development time is 30 minutes, I did leave mine on that long as I wanted the colour to really take with my hair and be absorbed. I also have a few greys which I wanted to make sure were covered.

After the development time I then rinsed my hair thoroughly till the water ran clean. I then applied the conditioner (bottle 3) to my hair and left this on for a couple of minutes, then rinsed thoroughly again.

Here is my hair before, a  light brown shade 6 with warm undertones (Also in need of washing!)

My hair after using Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Foam Mousse Colour Iced Mocha 4.15 (It does look darker on the ends in this picture but the colour is the same on the top as the ends)

As my hair looked so dark in the first picture I took one of my head to the side in the light so you can see its a medium warm brown result.

Over all I am please with the colour. I love the condition and glossy result and my hair looks and feels great. This colour has given my hair quite warm undertones as you can see from the above image, but this is also due to the fact my hair was quite warm to begin with and adding the colour has just picked these areas of warmth up more.

I would recommend this colour to others as I feel it is really good value and gives very impressive results. Garnier colorants always seem to leave my hair in good condition and they are a brand I often go back to when changing my hair colour dramatically.

Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Foam Mousse Colour is currently part of the 3 for 2 offer at Tesco at present across hair and beauty I believe. So, if you are buying other things you can save a little money too. The colour retails normally at around £6.48 (I believe although can’t find my receipt – sorry!).

For more information on products and colours available from Garnier please check out their site.

What is your opinion on Foam Colorants?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx