Review: Fudge Paintbox Whiter Shade of Pale (Violet Based Toner and Mixer)

Firstly, can I say its GREAT to be back!!! My blog has been down for a week (Or there a bouts) and its taken this long to get it back up and running! I’ve also had issues with uploads to YouTube (Of which I have 3 at present sitting on my desktop including a ‘Battle of the Toners’ post which includes Touch of Pale) failing constantly, so no new posts there either! I’m sorry I couldn’t post in this time but it wasn’t an accessible option in either case. Still, I’m back now with more help for those blondies (Whether you fake it or are au natural) out there who have an issue with brassiness!

I’ve been doing a lot of research on toners recently for blonde hair since going lighter, I’ve chosen ones that are easily accessible in that you can either order them online (From manufacturers or places like Amazon) or from high street pharmacies like Boots and Superdrug. Paintbox’s (By Fudge) Touch of Pale is one of the dearer ones on the market but has rather impressive reviews. Here are my thoughts on whether it works, is it worth its cost and would I use it again…

For those people out there who like to do the funky fresh colours or have platinum blonde hair you may have already heard of this product. I hadn’t heard of it at all till I ran across it on all places Amazon! I then did some research, checked some reviews and decided that this may be just what I need to remove the last traces of yellow from my blonde hair to take it that bit lighter. Now please bare in mind, this product will not lighten your hair. It will however remove, yellow brassy tones which can often make blondes dull – hence brightening your colour.

Here’s a little information direct from those lovely people at Fudge about Whiter Shade of Pale…

Toner for pre-lightened hair.
  • Neutralises yellow tones in pre-lightened hair.
  • Quick and easy application with no structural damage.
  • Assists combability during application.
  • Improves hair quality, soothes scalp and adds dramatic shine.
  • Adheres to the cuticle layer for longer lasting results on pre-lightened hair.
How to use
  1. Wash hair with your favourite Fudge shampoo, then towel dry
  2. Squeeze Whiter Shade of Pale into plastic bowel or glass dish
  3. Unsing a tint brush, apply evenly to the hair
  4. Comb through the hair using a wide tooth comb
  5. Processing will take between 15 – 30 minutes
  6. Rinse hair thoroughly away from the face using warm water until all residue has been removed and the water runs clear
  7. Shampoo and condition with your favourite Fudge duo


The product looks a pale purple in colour. Many toners I’ve used are quite dark and pigmented (See review of Touch of Silver to see what I mean) but this one looked a bit ‘wimpish’ if I’m honest. I didn’t really have high hopes looking at it. Still, colour’s not everything and the real test would be in application. It is really thick though, much like an intensive conditioner in consistency.

Fragrance wise it doesn’t really smell that lovely. It isn’t foul and unpleasant, but it isn’t all florally or fruity and lovely either. Hard to describe it in truth, but don’t expect a lovely aroma like you get with many Fudge hair care products.

The application process for toning is really simple. I washed my hair as normal and towel dried it. Then I applied the Whiter Shade of Pale to my towel dried hair. Surprisingly it combed through easily without tangles. I did it in sections to get an even coverage. You want to comb it up till its frothy looking. Any excess on the comb wipe back on to you hair. I then popped a shower cap on my head to help with the processing. Whiter Shade of Pale recommend checking it every 5 minutes, obviously if you have platinum hair you won’t need to leave it on long. My hair is currently a base shade 10 which is a light blonde, I wasn’t aiming for it to be platinum as this doesn’t ‘lighten’ hair, all I wanted to do is remove the yellow tone I had got from bleaching. I found after leaving it 20 minutes it looked about right. I then washed the product out and conditioned as normal. I didn’t use an intensive conditioner, just a normal one as I wanted to see how the condition of my hair would fair afterwards. I then just styled as normal.

So the results I hear you ask. Ok I’ve tried to take the images the same as the originals for comparison.

Before usingWhiter Shade of Pale by Paintbox

After using Whiter Shade of Pale by Paintbox (Excuse gormless expression!!)

Side of head before using Whiter Shade of Pale

Side of head after using Whiter Shade of Pale

Over all I was impressed to a degree. My hair isn’t platinum so this product won’t be as ‘striking’ in results as it would one white hair. However, I did notice a difference. It was quite hard finding a good light to take the pictures in to show the difference, although I think you can tell from the too face shots that it removed much of the yellow. Another thing I really liked about Whiter Shade of Pale was the condition of my hair afterwards – with many toners that can be a little harsh (Especially those which are semi permanent dyes as they often contain a degree of peroxide to make them ‘hold’ on your hair). My hair was shiny, glossy and felt good. It felt like I’d not had anything on it!

What I didn’t like was the sheer amount of product I had to use. My hair sits about 4-6″ below shoulders at the back and a few inches below shoulder on the sides and front, its medium thick in quantity but doesn’t always need a lot of product. I used well over a third of Whiter Shade of Pale on my hair in 1 application. In the second application I was left with less than a third of a tube. If your hair was any thicker or longer than mine you would be lucky to get 2 applications out of it if you were doing a full head application. This for me means poor value for money. If I was to compare it to Pro:Voke’s Touch of Silver it would probably take 3-5 applications to have the same effects as Whiter Shade of Pale by Paintbox. This would also be a fraction of the cost and with much more product left. However, if you wanted an ‘instant’ fix to yellow, brassy tones it would probably be a better route to take.

You can purchase Whiter Shade of Pale direct from Fudge  its currently on special for £7.83 (Usually £11.18). It does work and does do what it says on the tube, or in my case it did. If you are trying to remove more orange tones from your hair this won’t do it. I do have some orange areas (Or Strawberry Blonde tones I think is more accurate) and it won’t alter those. If you just want to brighten your yellow tones and give your hair a brighter, glossier look then this product is great.

I would use it again, but think its something I would use more when my hair is a lighter shade than it is at present. I will still continue to use it if/when yellow tones appear but probably won’t re-purchase till I’m a lighter shade as I feel Pro:Voke Touch of Silver can get me to where I want to be – just in a longer time period.

Have you tried whiter shade of pale?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx