Review: Fish SwishFish Silky Smoothing Cream

I always try and keep up with brands and their releases, but somehow missed that Fish Hairdressing Co actually did a girls range! My Boots doesn’t actually stock it, but the lovely people at KMI Club do and they sent me product to share my thoughts on…

 Here’s a little information about the SwishFish Silky Smoothing Cream…

In the battle against heat-damaged hair, SwishFish is our secret weapon. Formulated with Pro Vitamin B5 and strengthening proteins, it shields hair from damage caused by hairdryers and straigheners to leave hair smooth, nourished and glossy.

Apply to towel-dried / damp hair before styling or blow drying. 

Apply a small amount to dry hair to smooth and add shine to your style.


I really love the lilac/pink packaging for the Silky Smoothing Cream. It screams ‘girlie’ and stands out nicely from other products on my dressing table (And when you have as many products as I do, that’s a good thing!). The product has a flip top lid which is pretty secure and is in a squeezable tube. Its quite easy to not remove too much product from the tube due to it being a pretty thick cream.

SwishFish Silky Smoothing Cream is quite thick in consistency.  When they say you don’t need much product and to ‘work a small amount’ they mean just that. The first time I used this product I applied too much to my hair and it felt a little greasy. You really only want to be applying the product to your mid lengths and ends I’ve found. I also don’t use more than a 5p (Peanut) size amount.A little product goes a very long way.

The fragrance is amazing! It reminds me of tropical beach holidays and sun cream. A gorgeous scent of coconuts which lingers on your hair after you’ve styled. I am really taken by the fragrance and can’t wait to try other products in their range to see if they smell the same!

Another great addition to this product is the heat shield which helps with damaged caused by heat styling. It also contains Pro Vitamin B5 and strengthening proteins. I found after using this product not only was my hair super silky and soft, it looked really glossy and shiny. My other half even commented on how glossy my hair looked – we all know how men NEVER notice these things! So, it must be good.

I would definitely buy this product again, I really love the fragrance and results I get on my hair. My hair is looking in much better condition after blow drying and I’m finding I don’t need to run the straightener through my hair after, which means less damage to my hair.

Silky smooth hair after using SwishFish Silky Smoothing Cream

The Fish hair care range can be purchased at Boots or KMIClub, theirs a male and female range – so something for everyone! The SwishFish Silky Smoothing Cream costs £3.99 for 100ml of product, you need such a little amount that this really is going to last a very long time – so a very reasonable price I feel for getting a smooth, silky feeling blow dry with plenty of shine!

For more information on Fish Hairdressing Co and their products, why not check out their Website, Facebook or Twitter.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx