Review: Eau Thermale Avène Ysthéal+ Eye Contour Cream

If you are new to my blog then you will not know how much praise I have for Avène products. Designed for people with sensitive problematic skin they are my facial care saviours! I have already reviewed Avène Rich Skin Recovery Cream and at present am also trialing a new product I am already impressed with (Review to follow on Eau Thermale Avène Soothing Hydrating Serum), so when I was offered the chance to try and review Ysthéal+ Eye Contour Cream from the Eau Thermale Avène range I couldn’t wait to see what results I would get!

Eau Thermale Avène products are part of my daily skin care regime and Ysthéal+ Eye Contour Cream is now something I use daily, I also mentioned it in my January Favourites Video too. For those who haven’t see the video, I wanted to give it a thorough testing to see if I also noticed my fine lines minimising before reviewing as I already knew how great it was on the skin under my eyes.

Here is the technical details about Eau Thermale Avène Ysthéal+ Eye Contour Cream *source*

Ysthéal Eye Contour cream prevents and corrects the appearance of visible signs of skin ageing in the eye area. Ysthéal Eye Contour cream the latest generation of anti-ageing treatments, contains a combination of two exclusive patented ingredients: 
Retinaldehyde, the most effective form of vitamin A, has a dual anti-ageing effect. It transforms into active vitamin A according to the skin’s needs, and works deep within the skin to boost cell metabolism and on the surface to improve the radiance of the complexion, 
Pretocopheryl is physiologically transformed into Tocopheryl, a powerful anti-oxidant. It diffuses into the skin’s support tissues to help repair them and protect from the aggression of free radical.  Available in 15ml.

Here is a little history on my psoriasis and eczema problems. My most problematic area of my face is under and around my eyes. This is where I first got eczema when I was about 14 and in later years this progressed to psoriasis (A hereditary condition I get thanks to my Dad!). It forms in the skin folds under my eyes and made me look like I have more ‘luggage’ or bags than I actually do. The skin often splits here and becomes extremely sore and itchy, sometimes weeping – sorry if that’s too much information but I am trying to give you a clear picture of how bad it actually is. Although I can mask it pretty well with makeup it does mean more often than not the condition of my skin in this area is extremely sore and irritated.

Here is a picture of my eyes before using the cream. Many of the lines under my eyes are actually ‘cracked’ as this is where my psoriasis is. On my right eye you will notice the skin appears slightly more lumpy although I don’t feel this picture is the best I am hoping you can see some of the problems.

I started using Eau Thermale Avène Ysthéal+ Eye Contour Cream twice a day. It did say for the first few days you can notice a slight stinging sensation but I did not notice this at all. I applied the cream after I had washed and cleansed my face. I found a pea sized amount was about right for use on both eyes and gently patted the cream into my skin.

The cream glides on your skin and is absorbed well. I found it made my skin under my eyes feel moisturised but without feeling greasy. My psoriasis even felt ‘smoother’ after I had applied it and less dry and flakey.

The cream has a pump action so it is easily dispensed and controlled so you don’t get too much cream and more hygienic I think

After 1 week I noticed my skin under my eyes was less sore and not ‘cracked’. This is a first for me in the Winter months when my eyes get extremely sore – almost chapped/cracked like my hands from the cold.

At less than 2 weeks (Around 10 days) my psoriasis looked better and was visibly less flakey. I was astounded!

I have continued to use the cream since twice daily and have now been using it for 4 weeks. Although I still have fine lines I can see they looks less defined and there is an improvement with their visibility. I think with prolonged use I will notice more changes. I have never had terribly noticeable lines around my eyes or ‘crows feet’ (Less I am smiling), my main lines were under my eyes from where my psoriasis is but since using Eau Thermale Avène Ysthéal+ Eye Contour Cream I can only say that this has improvement immensely!

You will notice from the 2 pictures above my eyes look in a lot better condition! My right eye’s skin (Which is my worst) is less bumpy and more moisturised. I think you can tell there is less visible lines too. Please note I have the flu at present so these pictures are not the best but are completely makeup and moisturiser free!

Eau Thermale Avène Ysthéal+ Eye Contour Cream is £17 for 15ml that doesn’t seem like you get a lot of product, however it will last a fair while so I feel is a worthwhile investment for me in the future. I also think compared to other eye contour creams on the market, especially those that are designed for anti-ageing and that its also designed for sensitive problematic skin like mine, £17 is more than an acceptable price especially when it has bought so much relief to my skin!

Eau Thermale Avène Ysthéal+ Eye Contour Cream can be bought from most Boots stores. The Eau Thermale Avène range is amazing and I cannot praise it enough when it comes to skin which needs a little more care.

Have you tried any of the Eau Thermale Avène range? What are your views on Eau Thermale Avène Ysthéal+ Eye Contour Cream?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx