Eau Thermal Avene products have completely changed my skin for the better and something I swear by. I use them on a day to day basis and can’t praise them enough when it comes to problematic skin like my own (Eczema and Psoriasis).

After reviewing the Eau Thermale Avene Ystheal+ Eye Contour Cream (Review here) and being very happy with the results I got from using it (I still use it daily now and have since purchased a new one), I was more than happy to do a review on the Eau Thermale Avene Ystheal+ Anti-Ageing Emulsion.

Here’s a little information about Eau Thermale Avene Ystheal+ Anti-Ageing Emulsion…

Ysthéal+ Emulsion  prevents and corrects the appeareance of visible signs of skin ageing. For normal to combination skin. Ysthéal+ Emulsion, the latest generation of anti-ageing treatments, contains a combination of two exclusive patented ingredients:
Retinaldehyde, the most effective form of vitamin A, has a dual anti-ageing effect. It transforms into active vitamin A according to the skin’s needs and works deep within the skin to boost cell metabolism and on the surface to improve the radiance of the complexion.
Pretocopheryl is physiologically transformed into Tocopheryl, a powerful anti-oxidant. It diffuses into the skin’s support tissues to help repair them and protect from the aggression of free radicals. Ysthéal Emulsion thus has a complete anti-ageing effect which has been proven in many scientific studies: it works to smooth away fine lines, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, increases skin radiance and combats skin slackening. Its light fluid is ideal for normal or combination skin, leaving it looking clear and shine-free. Fragrance free.  Available in 30ml.

Directions for Use
Ysthéal+ Emulsion can be used every day, preferably at night after cleansing. For very sensitive skin, light stinging can occur at the begining of the treatment, in this case it is best to apply the product every other day. During periods of sun exposure remember to use a sun protector to help prevent the damaging effects of the sun which intensify skin ageing.


One thing I love about Avene products is the generic packaging. Even more children can point them out in Boots when we are shopping. The Eau Thermale Avene Ystheal+ Anti-Ageing Emulsion is in a plastic pump dispenser. I usually find 1-2 pumps enough to do my face and neck. One thing I am not as keen on with this packaging is that you can’t tell how much is left in the bottle, even shaking it doesn’t give a clear indicator. However, as you will see from my review, some things you can over look with a great product.

The product is a lightly coloured yellow/cream, which I thought was strange as none of the Avene products have ever been coloured that I have used, it is also fragrance free. The product is for normal to combination skin.

Although the product states in the directions about a mild, light stinging sensation I have not noticed this at all when I use the product. However, I have noticed it when I use the Eau Thermale Avene Ystheal+ Eye Contour Cream over the top. It’s not uncomfortable but does last a minute or 2. As with all Avene products I can say I’ve had no reaction to this product at all on my skin. My eczema which has flared slightly under my eyes recently due to stress looks better once I’ve applied the emulsion as its quite moisturising.

The most important part of this review I feel though is whether it does help with anti-aging and also improve any fine lines/wrinkles that are already there. I am very lucky in that the women on my Mum’s side don’t seem to age that quickly. We have very good genes in my family and at 36 I don’t really look my age (Or so I am told). I have a few fine lines around my eyes, smile lines and my worst thing I have is frown lines. Since using Eau Thermale Avene Ystheal+ Anti-Ageing Emulsion I have noticed the fine lines around my eyes are less (Almost like when I use a face smoothing primer) but the biggest, significant thing I have noticed is the frown lines have definitely minimised. Although they are still there and not completely gone, they are less apparent. I am not sure how this product would work on someone who has deeper set lines, but for people who are just getting the first signs of ageing this product may be good for you.

Eau Thermale Avene is not the cheapest skincare range on the market for people with sensitive skin but in my opinion it is one of the best ones I have tried that works for me. Not all products work for everyone I know and I get a lot of emails and comments about the Avene range and how good it is. In my opinion I use their products daily and since using them have noticed a dramatic improvement in my skins conditions, not just my face but my body too. Their products are ones I have bought again and again after being sent samples which should tell you that I trust them as a brand.

The Eau Thermale Avene Ystheal+ Anti-Ageing Emulsion can be purchased in Boots for £22.00 for 30ml. I have been using this product now for nearly a month, twice a day and I think it will last me a while yet too.

Have you tried any of the Eau Thermal Avene range? Do you have a favourite product?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx