With the recent hot weather if you are anything like me and love the sun your skin will probably be in need of some serious hydration! I can’t help but love the sun, even though I look after my skin; keep it moisturised and use sun cream my skin still feels the toll and often will get drier. Its at times like this where I look for products that are more moisturising and hydrating than my every day moisturiser.

Docteur Renaud is a brand I’ve heard so much about and seen a few reviews on but hadn’t really tried, when I was asked if I would like to review their Raspberry Soft Cream I was more than happy to try it and share my thoughts with you.

The first thing I loved about the Raspberry Soft Cream was the crisp white packaging. Understated, yet eye catching. My eyes are drawn to the simple image of the raspberries on the front. Its easily picked out amongst other products which is also another plus point for me.

The product is in a squeezy tube and easily dispensed. The packaging feels quite sturdy and has a good stiff lid, screw-top lid. Being a 50 ml size product (1.75 oz) tube means its also perfect to pop in your bag for on the go use too!

For those who like a little more information on a product….

This luscious raspberry cream enfolds your skin in absolute softness and hydration. Organic raspberry extract, raspberry omega 3s, raspberry butter and raspberry seed oil: these four complementary extracts offer the skin comfort and protection. This formula is also enriched in exhilarating Docteur Renaud Phyto-Endorphins, a plant complex that sends an instant message of well-being for visibly relaxed and radiant skin. Your skin is perfectly hydrated, supple, comfortable and protected all day long. -The skin is softer : 90% -The skin is more supple 90% -The skinis more hydrated 86% * Satisfaction test realized over 21 volunteers after 21 days of a twice daily application”

*source* (This information bar the statistics is also available on the box packaging)

The cream is really rich and thick. A small amount is all you need and the skin drinks it in like a sponge! After application you are left with smoother, moisturised skin with less dryness. You skin feels hydrated and in my opinion looks fresher, almost glowing. This product really did perk up my dull skin from too much sun!

With a cream that is called Raspberry Soft Cream you would be right in thinking the fragrance is of raspberries. Its really sweet, fresh and quite delicious! I don’t think this cream has does much for my diet as it makes me want to eat raspberry pavalova! What I really liked was how the fragranced lingered, almost like a mild perfume on my skin. Its an attractive fruity scent and one I really love.

Due to the thick consistency the product will probably last you a while even if you do use it twice daily. I found using this product twice a day for 2 weeks meant I probably used around a third of the tube. Obviously depending on how much you apply I would think you have just over a months supply in the 50ml product. I applied it to my face and neck, but mostly concentrated on my face applying a little more to some areas where they were especially dry (My forehead and around my nose).

Docteur Renaud is a brand that is dedicated to looking after you skin, it is more pricey than some, but you really are paying for quality and products that work. Another great thing about Docteur Renaud is that they offer trial packs of sample size products, so if you are worried about spending out a lot of money on a product that might not work for you or be geared towards your skin, you can instead buy a trial pack and try it first before buying a full sized product. For more information on the Docteur Renaud range check out their website here…

Over all, I was really impressed. My skin feels hydrated again and looks so much better! I can only say thank you to this cream for making my skin look fresh again!

The Raspberry Soft Cream costs £24.95 (for 50ml) and can be purchased directly from Docteur Renaud and other stores online.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx