Any busy lady out there will agree, that when it comes to what you want to do to treat yourself and actually have time to do are 2 different things. I can’t tell you the amount of things I’ve had to cancel because I’m a Mum and my children needed me, or  maybe I couldn’t get childcare to attend. I know there are some lucky ladies out there who ‘lunch’ and get to do all the lovely treats, but I don’t think there are many (Secretly I envy you!)!

I have had a few professional facials/beauty treatments in my time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, these days most of my beauty regime happens at home, the luxury of actually having a proper facial is a thing of the past. Well, I have a product today that may interest those of you who want to achieve radiant looking skin with 1 treatment, but one you can do at home yourself, or even better get the girls and wine over and do it together!

I was recently asked if I would like to try the Docteur Ranaud Carrot Radiance Skin Care Program, ‘Carrot Radiance Cosmekit’ and after a little reading decided this was something that I would really love, especially if it gave results like it claimed. Here are my thoughts and what I found…

Here’s a little information straight from Docteur Ranaud Carrot Radiance Cosmekit…

A mini-treatment to perform at home – Just like a professional!

Radiance expert programme to do at home. Would you like to reveal a radiant skin in only 20 minutes? Inspired by aesthetic techniques, this COSMEKIT® is for use at home for an immediate healthy glow and restore radiance.

Simple to use: the kit has everything you need
Step 1 : Regenerate with a superficial peeling containing soft fruit AHA.
Step 2 : Energize with a real concentrate of Vitamin C (10%).
Step 3 : Intensely illuminate with a radiance mask containing Carrot..
To complement the treatment apply Carrot Anti-pollution Radiance Cream.


Especially created to provide an instant boost to skin that’s dull, tired, lifeless, stressed or exposed to ‘city’ life, Docteur Renaud’s Carrot Radiance Cosmekit draws on the revitalising powers of Carrot to revitalise the complexion.  Rich in vitamins, minerals and ß-carotene, Carrot reinforces the skin’s natural defences by neutralising free radical damage and, in so doing, enhances the complexion, naturally.  Easy and fun to use, Carrot Radiance Cosmekit contains a Carrot Radiance Soft Peel (3ml), Vitamin C Concentrate (3ml) and Carrot Relaxing Radiance Mask (7ml); three simple steps to regenerate, energise and illuminate the skin for results that are immediately visible and a complexion that radiates health and beauty.  Great for providing natural radiance to your skin prior to a big occasion or even restoring tired skin post partying!  What’s more, Docteur Renaud Carrot Radiance Cosmekit features face care products that you won’t usually find for use at home. 

When I first opened the box I’ll admit I was a little scared. The products look complexed and almost intimidating. I read through the instructions thoroughly and soon realised that it was really quite easy. The most complex part of the whole process is mixing the Vitamin C Concentrate as it means taking the lid off, pushing the bit down to break the seal and then popping the lid back on and shaking (Its a powder and liquid concentrate formula that needs mixing together). The other great thing with this kit is you have everything you need really bar some cotton wool and obviously water to rinse off.

Carrot Radiance Cosmekit – Carrot Relaxing Radiance Mask, Vitamin C Concentrate, Carrot Radiance Soft Peel

As this is a 3 part treatment I decided to share my thoughts on each process and then give you my final conclusions. Each process is important and needs its own ‘piece’ so to speak!

The Carrot Radiance Soft PeelFor a gentle skin renewal effect, this peeling treatment with organic Carrot combines very gentle peach, apple and raspberry fruit acids  with a  natural exfoliating complex. Results – the complexion immediately looks more luminous and skin is prepared to receive the next treatment product.

The first part of the process you want to start with a clean face free of makeup. Nothing else, no moisturisers or anything. If I’m honest my first part started with slightly panda eyes but that stays between you and me. The Carrot Radiance Soft Peel serum is applied directly to your face with cotton wool. Apply this much like you would a cleanser to your face and neck avoiding the eye area.

Once you have the Carrot Radiance Peel applied just leave it to do its thing on your skin. Leave the product on your skin for 5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with water and dry the skin.

I didn’t notice any discomfort at all during this treatment. Out of the 3 parts of the treatment this one didn’t really have a fragrance. My skin looked less dull afterwards and there was a definite natural glow to my skin. I was impressed a treatment that was only 5 minutes in length achieved a good result on my skin.

Vitamin C ConcentrateThis concentrate works like a vitamin booster for the skin. The innovative bottle with a reservoir fully preserves all the properties and effectiveness of the Vitamin C Powder, an essential active ingredient to help even out complexion and reveal a radiant face. The serum contains additional Vitamins (A, E, provitamin B5), Organic Carrot and active ingredients that clear and smooth the skin to complete the revitalising anti-fatigue effect. Result – the complexion looks radiant; the skin is in great shape.

This part of the treatment was probably the easiest. After mixing the Vitamin C Concentrate it is applied directly to the dried skin after the Carrot Radiance Peel. You apply this much like you would a moisturiser avoiding the eye area again. This product is not rinsed off the skin and once applied you are reading for stage 3.

This was my favourite part of the 3 part treatment. The fragrance of the Vitamin C Concentrate Serum was gorgeous! Sweet and fresh carrots with a hint of something spicy – it reminded me of chai tea in some ways. Over all, the fragrance was very relaxing.

This part of the treatment does suggest you may notice a slight stinging sensation. When I first applied the Vitamin C Concentrate to my face I didn’t notice any discomfort, after a minute there was a slight stinging sensation but this was mild and lasted seconds. It was like you could feel the serum working on your skin.

When the treatment had penetrated my skin and sunk it my skin felt smoother, looked radiant and fresh but my main surprise was on a nasty spot I have on my chin at present. This has been really sore, red and very inflamed. After applying the Vitamin C Concentrate this spot didn’t look red at all, in fact you would hardly notice it was there. The spot also went down the following day after the treatment too.

Carrot Relaxing Radiance MaskThe smooth and creamy mask completes the treatment by procuring, radiance, softness and a sensation of well-being. It combines organic Carrot, for its healthy glow effect, with a Cocoa extract boasting euphorizing and relaxing qualities. This nourishing complex of Apricot wax and Macadamia and Sweet Almond oils brings immediate comfort to the skin.

The Carrot Relaxing Radiance Mask is applied after treatment 2 directly to the skin. Massage in a medium thick layer. You will notice that the mask is quite concentrated but don’t ‘skim’ on this product it is designed to be used in 1 go. Once the mask is applied to the face and neck, relax and let it works its magic for 10 minutes. After, rinse with warm water and finish with your favourite day moisturiser (If you choose).

The Carrot Relaxing Radiance Mask was really lovely. After the previous 2 treatments this is the third and final instalment leaving the skin feeling hydrated, glowing and looking gorgeous. The fragrance of the cream is much like carrots and spring time. I found it really luxurious on the skin and my skin enjoyed the treat too.

I didn’t notice any reactions or stinging with this product either. In fact my only problem with the mask was that it makes you look like an orange oompa loompa or like you have applied WAY TOO MUCH fake tan. This can be especially embarrassing when you find you have to answer your door to a delivery man with said  mask on and have him laugh at you! Yes that happened to me. Still the mask and humiliation I got from the delivery man out weighed any embarrassment and I have to say I was very impressed with the results after.

Docteur Ranaud Carrot Radiance Cosmekit is a luxury treat. This isn’t something everyone will be able to afford but is something I think many should try. If you do have sensitive skin or are prone to reactions I would maybe steer clear. For those who really want to give their skin a boost then this is definitely for you. I used this product 2 days ago and have had no reactions, inflammation or spots at all.

I think this treat would be perfect as a gift for friends or even if you were on a Hen Weekend. Its great fun to use and the results are impressive too. I used the Cosmekit first thing in the morning and can honestly say after applying my makeup my skin hadn’t looked this good in a long time. I had a gorgeous healthy glow, something my skin has definitely been missing.

I will purchase the Carrot Radiance Cosmekit and use it again as I think its something my skin will definitely benefit from. A once a month treat will keep my skin looking and feeling great. This kit is designed for 1 application only.

To purchase the kit, please check out Docteur Ranaud’s site, at present the Cosmekit is on offer for £20.00 (usually £29.00). For more information on other products please visit Docteur Ranaud where you will find a full list of products and information.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx