I often talk on my blog about brands I can trust, Denman is a brand I have used and trusted for years. I think most people at some point have owned at least one Denman hair brush (Usually the D3 styling brush). Having trained as a hairdresser I had a few Denman styling brushes but until recently when I was kindly sent this Denman Paddle Brush I had never had one of these or tried one! Here is my review on the Denman D83 Large Paddle Brush.

The large Denman paddle brush also known as the D83 is black and sleek. The brush has nylon pins which are sat on the cushioned base of the brush so its easy to remove all tangles gently from the hair. The brush is designed to smooth and silken the hair giving it lots of shine. The bristles have little ball ends on them so are not sharp at all and gentle on the scalp.

I mainly use paddle brushes for when I am wearing my extensions but have been using the D83 paddle brush all the time. I’ve even used it on my children and they love it! I’ve not had one complaint from them at all about it ‘pulling’ or being hard on their scalps. So the brush is great for children too.

I have tried the brush varies ways for performance; from day to day use on brushing my own hair and putting it up, on my extensions, to blow drying and also smoothing my hair when running straighteners through it. I also tried it for brushing curls out once I’d curled my hair and extensions to get a more softer voluminous look. I have to say the Denman Paddle Brush performed amazingly throughout all these tasks.

I used the brush in my tutorial yesterday on how to put in and take out your Halo from Halo Hair Extensions, you will see in the tutorial just how easy it goes through my hair and blends my own hair with my extensions.

I know many people think, ‘A brush is just a brush. Does it matter who makes it?’

In honesty its not about who makes it but the quality of the tool. I wouldn’t go to a builder and tell him his £200 hammer thing is no better than a value one from B&Q as I wouldn’t have a clue. From a hairdressers point of view I have used this against my Tresumme Paddle Brush and also my Boots Botanics Paddle Brush and in my opinion it is better than both of them.

Firstly it is slightly lighter than the Botanics one. The handle on the D83 has a different finish to it which makes it feel more secure in your hand, both the Tresumme and Botanics are a bit slippery and smooth so easily dropped. Also the D83 is more cushioned so better on detangling, massaging the scalp (with the pins/bristles) and gentler too (Especially for children).

Without a doubt I love the Denman D83 Large Paddle Brush, now I’ve tried one I wouldn’t go back to anything else. I was also surprised to find comparing in price to other paddle brushes of the same size it is quite reasonable. You can purchase it from Boots for £9.91 or direct from Denman.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx