When it comes to hair tools, I’m a bit of a connoisseur. I like my brushes to be of a high quality and lasts years. I was sent a brush I would like to share with you today, it is the Denman D80. Here are my thoughts and whether I think this is a brush you should own…

Here is a little information about the D80 (Mine is the medium sized, so information is for the D80M) Grooming Brush…

Medium cushion brush with nylon bristle. The nylon bristle is ideal for detangling and general grooming. The lightweight, perfectly balanced handle provides excellent grip and control.


Denman brushes are always of a very high standard. In fact I find it incredibly hard to fault their brushes as I own so many! If I was to be extremely picky (This is me actually looking my hardest for a fault!) I would say I wish that their handles weren’t so smooth. I don’t know if its just my clumsy nature, but I do have a tendency to drop them. The handle other than that is a perfect shape for my hand and is very comfortable while you are using it.

What I really loved about this brush was the bristles. The nylon bristles are fairly close together, so get through most knots and tangles with ease. I found while using them on my extensions I noticed minimal hair loss, my extensions were knot free within seconds and looked and felt great!

Another plus point about the bristles and the cushioned base was the feel of this brush on my scalp. One of my all time favourite brushes (Also my first ever hair brush as a child) was a Mason Pearson small tuft bristle brush. I always loved that brush and how it made my scalp feel conditioned as well as removing knots with minimal pain. I would like to liken the D80 from Denman to it as I feel its stiff bristles and cushioned base are almost identical. The D80 is a cheaper alternative though and that is only in price!

I am extremely happy to have found the D80 from Denman. All round is a great brush for removing tangles, working on extensions (It would be fabulous on wigs too!), dressing hair and conditioning the scalp. I would highly recommend this brush and feel for the price it is very reasonable.

The Denman D80 is available in 3 sizes;

D80S Small nylon bristle brush £6.68

D80M Medium nylon bristle brush £8.87

D80L Large nylon bristle brush £10.96

For more information on the Denman range and to purchase their products, please check out their website here. A selection of Denman brushes is available from Boots, Superdrug, ASDA, Sainsbury, John Lewis and independent chemists nationwide. You can also see them on Twitter and Facebook too.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx