Review: Denman D74 Medium Hot Curling Brush

If you ever want to create a good voluminous, bouncy blow dry, I recommend you looking at the Denman D74 Medium Hot Curling Brush. I have been using this brush now for a while and wanted to share with you my thoughts….

Denman D74 Medium Hot Curling Brush

Here is some information about the Denman D74 Medium Hot Curling Brush

30mm Small hot curl brush with ceramic-coated vented barrels for a stronger, longer-lasting result. Flexible nylon bristles gently penetrate the hair, providing optimum grip and control. For adding condition and shine during blow-drying. Perfect for short to mid-length hair.


My brush collection is pretty large, even my personal collection which I use on myself and not clients. I have a wide selection and finding a good curling brush can be hard. Its about weight, being comfortable to hold in the hand and a good size too. If you are working on a client (Or even yourself) with thick hair it can mean blow drying for a long period of time and there is nothing worse with aching wrists while doing this!

Denman D74 Medium Hot Curling Brush

The Denman D74 Medium Hot Curling Brush ticks all the right boxes with my needs. Firstly, let’s start with the barrel size. Its a 30mm barrel which is perfect for medium to long hair. I wouldn’t use this brush on someone with hair much past there shoulders (Unless working on layers), if there hair was longer I’d use a Denman D75 or D76. This brush creates very nice curls. Not too tight, plenty of movement and they hold really well too. I have layers through the top of my hair and this brush is great for creating movement with them so they blend and either frame my face or even open up my face. Its a very diverse brush. I have also tried this brush on clients with shorter hair to give a voluminous blowdry and it creates good root volume too.

Being thermoceramic means it heats up really well and holds the heat too. So, it acts similar to a curling wand or tong in that manner. There are vent holes throughout the brush by the bristles, so heat/airflow travels through them creating an even curl or wave.

The bristles are a good size too. Not too long that they tangle on everything while blow drying, but long enough to take a good width of hair and give you a smooth blowdry. Although, I talk about using this brush for creating curls, you can do a lovely sleek, straight blow dry with this and be left with smooth, silky hair.

Denman D74 Medium Hot Curling Brush

The brush isn’t too heavy, in fact its really light in the hand and nice to work with. The handle is smooth and plastic, but doesn’t slip from your hands when working. Overall, I think its width is a really good size and I enjoy working with this type of brush. The end is tapered into a point, so you can also use this for sectioning as you blow dry if you wanted too.

Overall, I have been VERY impressed with the Denman D74. I have paid double what it cost before on other brands and the results were never as good. Denman have and will remain to be one of my favourite brush brands. There’s a reason that professionals use them regularly and that’s because of their quality and standard of the way they are made.

The Denman D74 Medium Hot Curling Brush costs £9.65 and can be purchased directly from Denman. Denman brushes are also available in Boots, Superdrug, some pharmacies and wholesalers.

For more information on Denman and their products why not check out their WebsiteTwitter andFacebook?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx

*Disclaimer – This product was sent to me for review purposes