Review: Decolour Remover – Does It Work and How Do You Use It?

I know what you are thinking, “She’s changing her hair colour AGAIN?!” Actually I am, but I’m not losing the Ombre. I really love my ombre to be honest, its the best of both worlds and means I’m neither dark nor light for Winter (When I usually colour my hair). I have decided that I want to have a slightly lighter ombre though. Mine is a rather a big colour change from a medium/dark root to very light blonde ends. So, I thought I’d remove the unwanted colours from my hair and start again.

As I’ve got bleached hair under the tints/colours that are on there now, there is a HIGH possibility they will have ‘stained’ my hair to a degree, even when I do remove them from my hair with a colour remover. Still, my hair should go back to a reasonable blonde again (Although it probably will need toning!!) and we can work from there.

The colour remover I am using today is called Decolour Remover. This is a product by Scott Cornwall (Not to be confused by Colour B4 as that is a DIFFERENT product). Scott has bought out some really great new products (Remember the Colour Restore Iced Platinum I always rave about Platinum ladies? See my Posts on it here) and I thought it was about time I reviewed some of them here for you, so Decolour Remover is first up.

For those of you who like the technical blurb, here’s a little information about Decolour Remover….

The next generation of permanent hair colour removal, Decolour uses ‘shatter technology’ which quickly and effectively breaks artificial colour pigments enabling them to be flushed from the hair with ease. The no peroxide or ammonia formula uses a rich crème which not only hydrates the hair but leaves the natural colour (which lays beneath your unwanted shade) intact. In addition, the strong but kind Decolour Crème conditions as it removes and is not reliant on a buffer stage to draw colour molecules out of the hair.


I was going to write my own tutorial for this post, but I followed Scott’s instructions on his video to the letter, so I am including that video here. Its extremely informative, very easy to follow and I could not (If I tried!) film a better one.


(Please note, this is not my video. This is KMI Club’s video of Scott Cornwall demonstrating the product)

In the box you have;

Bottle 1: Activator

Bottle 2: Remover

Sachet: Conclude Balm

Full Instructions and Plastic Gloves

Here is the picture taken from the product box of obtainable results

Mixing the products is really easy too. You literally are tipping 1 bottle into the other and then shaking well. Once you have mixed the product you then want to apply it to your hair.

For best results you should wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo (You can but these in Boots, Superdrug and even Supermarkets). If you are unsure or can’t get a clarifying shampoo, Baby Shampoo does pretty much the same thing. You hair can feel a bit dry afterwards but all product (By products I mean styling products, conditioning treatments that coat the hair, oils etc) traces will be removed from your hair.

It took about 5 minutes to apply the product too my hair. As I had some form of tint or toner on all of my hair, I applied the product everywhere. As Decolour Remover only removes colour thats been applied on the hair it didn’t really matter that I got it on my roots in places as it wouldn’t do anything on those sections of hair.

I applied a shower cap to keep the heat locked in and I left it on for about 50 minutes. As recommended in the instructions I also applied heat to my shower cap for about 5-10 minutes to help speed up the process and make the process more intense. I literally did this with a hair dryer and just worked it around the cap, so it warmed it up. As I had applied tint (3 quick successions worth) over bleached hair there was going to be staining on those areas of hair. So, once the hair didn’t appear to be getting any lighter I then started the rinsing process. I rinsed my hair for around 5 minutes and then applied the sachet of Conclude Balm. This product is like a rich conditioner and felt lovely going on their hair. I left this on a couple of minutes and then rinsed this too.

As my hair was rather brassy from the staining of the tints on my bleach I applied some Colour Restore Ice Platinum. This is more for removing yellow tones, but my ends had gone rather yellow. I left this one for 10 minutes and then rinsed and styled. Here are my results in photos…

The top of my head; before (Top Pic) and After (Bottom Pic)

The side of my head; before (Top Pic) and After (Bottom Pic)

The front; before (Top Pic) and After (Bottom Pic)

The good points about this product;

  • It works. If you do it correctly and follow the instructions. My hair had some staining on it still but if I applied another Decolour Remover this would probably come out.
  • I did not notice ANY damage to my hair. My hair is pretty over-processed but this product did not make it any more damaged and in fact bought back some shine to my hair!
  • It didn’t lighten my hair anymore than it already had been lightened. I have tried colour removers before and they have lightened my hair (Or at least appeared to have). My hair didn’t lift any lighter than the base shade 10 I was before applying the tints.

The bad points about this product;

  • The smell. It really does smell pretty nasty and the smell lingers for a wash or 2 after I found. Still it did mean I could break out my super fragranced hair masks and they got rid of the stinky smell!
  • I found one box did my hair but there was no remaining product. If you have longer than below shoulder blades hair or your hair is thick I would recommend 2 boxes (At least then if you only use one, you can keep your receipt and return the other).

The good points far out weighed the bad and the bad points in my opinion and more quibbles. I am glad I tried Decolour Remover and I wouldn’t hesitate trying this product again. It does work, my hair is looking a really cool medium to light blonde ombre now (I’m not even recolouring it as I like this shade!).

I can’t really stress how important it is to follow the instructions, also have realistic expectations too. If you have applied shade after shade of dark, staining colours onto your hair in my opinion it may take more than one go at removing the colour.

Decolour Remover can be purchased in Boots, Online at Boots and directly from DecolourRemover.Com. It costs around £12.99.

For more information on Decolour Remover and other products from Scott Cornwall, why not check out their Website, Facebook or Twitter?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx