Review: Colour Restore Deep Red

After writing up my post on how I took my hair from dark brown to red, I wanted to share with you my findings on using Colour Restore Deep Red and what I think of it as a product….

Colour Restore Deep Red

Here is a little information on Deep Red….

General washing, styling, heat and sun damage can deplete the tone and vibrancy of an artificial colour. The red artificial permanent molecule is so small it’s prone to flushing easily from the hair leaving behind a dull shade.
  • Colour Restore Red Pigment Hair Infusion toner replenishes and returns hair colour to its former glory without the need to use a peroxide or ammonia based colourant
  • Simple to use, just rinse through (like a shampoo) to maintain tone or leave in for up to 25 minutes for deeper tonal results.
  • Contains no ammonia, no peroxide, no harsh chemicals.
  • Restores and replenished red tones, adds a deeper ‘conker’ effect to mid blondes or brunettes.
  • Creates vibrant lowlight results in highlighted hair.
  • Can be used immediately after perming, colour removal, straightening or bleaching


Having used and loved The Colour Restore Iced Platinum I kind of knew what to expect with Deep Red. I knew it would be a good product and also loved that it was a multi-purpose product. I had also read, it could be used for pre-pigmentation when taking blonde hair to brown which generally products of that type are only found in wholesalers (So would be great for the home colourists).

Colour Restore Deep Red

For me, I wanted to brighten my copper/red hair to a more red tone. I also wanted it to condition my hair and give it more shine. This kind of product is ideal for those people who want their red shade to stay and can ‘top up’ their colour in between regrowth colouring.

The product comes with full instructions, plastic gloves and the tube of Deep Red which is 100ml in size. Although this doesn’t sound like a great deal of product, as its cream based you find you don’t need to use as much.

Colour Restore Deep Red

Another plus with this product is it doesn’t drip because it is a cream, its easily applied and massaged in. To get really good application once you have massaged the product in, comb it well for a few minutes.

I only used the product for 5 minutes, but you can leave it on for 25 minutes for optimal toning. I also feel if it is left on 25  minutes it will last longer as it will penetrate the hair shaft deeper.

As it contains no harsh chemicals, when rinsed you find you do not need an additional conditioner and your hair smells and feels really good.

Colour Restore Deep Red

My only 2 down points on the product and they are more pet hates but this comes with all ‘red’ products I find are the following;

  1. The staining! Red products are extremely pigmented. This means ‘seconds’ on the skin and it will leave a lovely pink stained mark (My neck can vouch for this where my hair was resting before I clipped it out the way).
  2. The rinsing side of things. With red they are quite hard to rinse until the water runs clean. This can mean rinsing to you think its clean and then getting ‘pink’ droplets of water everywhere. So, remember to use a towel you don’t mind getting stained or a darker towel so it won’t notice.

I felt though that the pros far out weighed my 2 niggles above, so can only really praise the product to the 9’s! Here are my before and after photos of using this product…

brown to red - 2nd bleach bath After using colour restore deep red(Before Top, After Bottom)

As you can see the toning process is just that. My hair is more red and vibrant, but its not a flat colour due to the toning. This I loved as my ends are still slightly lighter from my previous ombre’s, so they are slightly lighter and look brighter with the red.

Over all, I am in love with my new colour and couldn’t have achieved it without Colour Restore Deep Red. I thoroughly recommend this product for those with Red hair who want to refresh it, or pre-pigmentation and also for those who want a coppery shade and have brown hair. It would also work fantastic for the dip-dye effect (See Scott Cornwall’s tutorial here – it really looks easy!!).

Colour Restore Deep Red is available online, you can also purchase it at Boots too. The product costs £11.99 (Although I was lucky to pick it up before the offer ended at Boots for £7.99) for 100ml of product, depending on hair length and thickness I got 5 applications out of Iced Platinum and would expect about the same with Deep Red.

For more information on Colour Restore Products, why not check out the Website, Facebook or Twitter? Scott Cornwall is amazing and extremely friendly, so if you have a question ask – he does regular hair clinics on Facebook too which are really great.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx