Review: Carmine Box of Beauty Treats October

I don’t usually like to post to similar posts together, but my Carmine subscription box came today and I wanted to share my thoughts with you about the box and its contents.

This is yet another subscription service where as you get a box sent to you each month. The subscription is £10 a month plus p&p (£2.75 per box, so a total of £12.75) but if you pay for more boxes up front you can get discounts off the subscription.

*Source from Carmine Website*

  • 5 generously-sized product miniatures from a wide variety of product categories
  • Tons of exclusive content online to ensure that you get the most out of every box

We know that you want as much of the product as you can get, so we are always sure to provide a hearty portion from the brands we love most. But it doesn’t stop there. We strive to get you tons of exclusive tips and tricks from industry experts so that you can be sure to get the most out of each and every product.

There are so many companies now jumping on the band wagon and doing this, its hard to find ones that actually are ‘different’ and feel ‘relevant’ to me. The first thing I liked about Carmine was their website – the whole website feels like they are talking to me as an individual. I love how it is relaxed, low key and personal. This is something I believe companies forget sometimes.

Currently if you sign up before the 19th October they will dispatch your box straight away.

The packaging of the box is rather in your face and its hard to not see its come from Carmine. Bright orange with red splashes. I loved this bright parcel I was presented with by the postman this morning.

Inside the delivery packaging I was a little disappointed, this is just a personal thing but do companies not understand? We do like colour! Not everything has to be black. The box which is remarkably like a shoe box but more solid with a heavy texture and the Carmine logo on the top. It took me a while to get into it, but I was more impressed with the inside packaging than out!

Inside the box you have bright lime green and pink and white – now why couldn’t they have done that on the outside? It was really striking and I loved the colour concepts used. Inside the box I was greeted with black tissue paper tied together with a green bow. There was a nice card which tells me all about what’s in my box with pictures and also offering discounts on the products inside my box if I want to buy the full sized ones. The products were all surrounded by red shredded card like paper which was good except in my box there was about a handful in there so it was everywhere covering all the products and looked a bit crap if you want me to be honest. But alas you want to know what’s in the box right?

Here’s a breakdown of what’s in the October Carmine Box and my thoughts on those products;

Balance me. Super Moisturising Hand Cream – Made by the experts in natural skin care, this multi-award winning cream will get you soft and smooth from head to toe – with delicate aromatherapy scents included.

Gorgeous! Wow, ok it smells absolutely amazing! You can smell the patchouli in it and the scent is heavenly. I did need to apply quite a bit to my hands I’ll be honest but the scent was so amazing that I can see me definitely buying this product again regardless of price. My hands feel moisturised and smell amazing!

Daniel Dandler. Eye Delight in Peach or Ice – A pot of sweet, shimmery dust to give your eyes a little something to smile about. Created by professional make-up artist Daniel Sandler, this incredible versatile eye colour can be swept across the eyelids or mixed with water for a bolder effect.

I got my Daniel Sandler Eye Delight in Peach and have included a swatch below for you to see. Its quite pigmented and blends easily. It has a beautiful sparkle too it but I think it would still work great as a base on the lids. I’m looking forward to really working with this on a look as I think this colour will be fantastic for a nude look. I like Daniel Sandler products and am pleased to finally try an eye shadow loose powder by him.

Trind. Nail Repair Natural – Produced by the Dutch experts in nail, cuticle and hand care, this little lacquer is not just another nail varnish. Made with TLC, brush it on to naturally strengthen and protect your nails.

I was quite interested in this product. Since ditching my gel overlays my nails have been a little weaker so am hoping this will make them strong again. Its a creamy white formula but when I brushed it onto my nail it looked quite clear. I think you could wear this as a base under your nail varnish so you are killing 2 birds with 1 stone – strengthen your nails and have a base coat too. I may do a seperate review for this product as I like the look of it and it sounds really good.

The Balm. Fratboy All-In-One Shadow/Blush – Want to get noticed by the college frat boys? This peachy apricot coloured blush doubles up as an eye shadow and  miraculously adds life to any skin tone. So hold the ketchup, here’s a taste of vintage America that will also go nicely in your handbag.

Excitement ALERT!! This is the product I had heard about on the website and was curious as to what they would be including. The Balm have some amazing products and I am sure this is also going to be one of them. I have swatched it for you but please note – this is not shimmery at all and the sparkles near it in the swatch are from the Daniel Sandler Eye Delight!! I can’t wait to get this on my cheeks as it looks a gorgeous pinky peach. I am sure it will give a great healthy glow to the cheeks and I love that its matt too!

Caudalie. Quenching Sorbet Crème – This deliciously creamy sorbet will naturally refresh and hydrate your skin with all the anti-oxidising powders of red grape seed. It’s the perfect way to quench your thirst after the summer holidays!

I tried this on the top of my hand and was really surprised at how well it absorbed but also left my skin moisturised and looked really supple. Caudalie are not a cheap brand at all and their products are of very high quality so I’m really looking forward to trying this on my skin (And hopefully not getting a reaction to it!).

So what did I think of the First box from Carmine?

I liked the contents and the products were impressive, but (I’m sorry there’s a but) I was expecting a little more from a first box. I bit more on the whole ‘WOW’ factor would have been good. Don’t get me wrong the products in the box were amazing but as many will base whether they subscribe to Carmine on what you actually get from the first box I felt it was slightly a let down. I had VERY high expectations from Carmine, on their website they are doing so many new and interesting things but their box compared to the others on the market really isn’t anything new to me. Yes they are good with their words, you feel the box is especially for you and you get some great product. But they (In my opinion) are no better than Feel Uniques Beauty Box or even Glossy Box. I will probably continue my subscription for another month and see what happens but as a consumer I was just expecting more.

Have you subscribed to Carmine? What’s you thoughts on it all?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx