My obsession for lip balms is ridiculous at times, overall I wear more lip balms than lipsticks. I like to keep my lips in tip top condition and lip balms help me achieve just that. I was sent 3 lovely goodies from the people at Carmex to share my thoughts with you.

Surprisingly I’d never tried any Carmex products before but had always heard great things about them. The 3 products I was sent were;

 Carmex Classic Lip Balm, Carmex Moisture Plus Peach Sheer Tint Lip Balm,  Carmex Cherry Lip Balm

Carmex Classic Lip Pot Lip Balm, Carmex Moisture Plus Peach Sheer Tint Lip Balm and  Carmex Cherry Lip Balm

Carmex Classic Lip Pot Lip Balm is a cute little pot of joy (Can you tell its my favourite?). I love cute tins as I find them the most secure in my bag. Even though I generally have to get messy fingers using them (Does anyone actually use a lip brush to apply lip balm?) I love the feel of them as they glide on my lips.

What I really loved about this application of this lip balm was the cool, tingling sensation it gave me on my lips. Not uncomfortable like a ‘lip plumping’ product, my lips felt almost ‘minty’ fresh.

The fragrance of the original Lip Balm is slightly menthol although not a true mint. Its rather hard for me to describe as I currently have a slight cold. Whatever the true fragrance, I really like it (You’ll have to buy some to find out!!).

I have worn this lip balm almost daily since I received it in the post and it has taken over my favourite lip balms in my bag (Not an easy feet when many of them are high end!). The Carmex Classic Lip Pot Lip Balm is available from Boots at £2.69 for 7.5g which will last you ages. A must for anyone who wants soft supple lips (Or wears a lot of red lipstick and wants it to not look cracked).

Carmex Moisture Plus Peach Sheer Tint Lip Balm is an ultra hydrating lip balm with an added extra of a little colour too! The packaging is like that of a lip stick, in that you remove the lid and twist it up to get to the balm and then twist it back down again afterwards.

This one also contains Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Aloe and also contains an SPF15 which is essential when out and about. Like the other Carmex Lip balms it makes your lips soft and supple giving them that extra moisture they need.

The lip balm is both sheer in colour and texture. It glides across your lips giving you the most gorgeous hint of colour – making your lips subtly better. More than a lip balm but less than a lip stick, it reminds me of a lip gloss but without all the stickiness that often goes with them.

I really liked the hint of colour I got and the sweet fragrance is lovely. Although the lip balm is labelled as a Peach Tint I felt it was more rosy but still gorgeous. I would happily wear this one daily when I am going for a natural lip (Which is often daily) as I loved the finish but also how it lasted on my lips.

The Carmex Moisture Plus Peach Tint Lip Balm costs £4.49 in Boots for 2g.

Carmex Cherry Moisturising Lip Balm is a convenient tube with a screw top lid. Perfect for fitting in your hand bag or even the pocked of your jeans. What I like about this product is that you can apply the product straight from the top onto your lips without using your fingers – so no messy fingers.

The product is designed for cracked, chapped lips and is also long lasting. It also contains an SPF15, very handy when your lips are as exposed to the sun as your face is, yet many people don’t think to put an SPF on their lips. It is also quite concentrated so you don’t need much product to make your lips look gorgeous.

I really loved the cherry fragrance; sweet and just like Morello Cherries. Its a gorgeous scent which stays well on your lips without being overpowering to the senses.

My lips felt soft, conditioned and looked glossy with the Carmex Cherry Lipbalm on. I was really impressed and will definitely be purchasing more of this once its ran out. The Carmex Cherry Lip Balm costs £2.69 in Boots for 10g.


For more information about Carmex you can check them out on Twitter, Facebook or on their website.

Have you tried any of the Carmex products yet?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx