With Summer drawing to an end (Yes I did just say that I’m afraid) we will soon all be losing our natural glows we’ve built up. This is the time when I look to products to help me maintain my glow and also keeping me feeling in the Summery mood. A perfect time for a ‘Sun Free’ tanning product.

Recently I was sent the Sun-Kissed Mist by Bronze Ambition to try and have been waiting for my fake tan to fade a bit so I could give it a good review and thorough testing. Bronze Ambition Sun-Kissed Mist Instant Spray Tan is a new product on the market. t’s a non-greasy fine spray that will give you an all over body glow which doesn’t last days, just as long as you want it too! This spray tan is easily removed by soap and water after and will not wash off in the rain or rub off once it’s dried. It is lightly fragranced and is a 360 degree spray, so no matter what angle you hold the spray at it will still spray and means you can reach areas that are a little harder to reach than normal.

Sun-Kissed Mist is fool proof when it comes to application; as it is an ultra fine mist you can apply the tan and then spray again to build it up in areas you may have missed, or for a deeper application. Unlike fake tans if you are pale and worried about what colour you may come out, this tan isn’t permanent so mistakes can be washed off and started again. Also you don’t need to rub the tan in at all, just spray and that’s it! Can’t really get much easier and it dries within seconds!

Bronze Ambition Sun-Kissed Mist Nozzle

To apply Sun-Kissed Mist (And for best results) apply it to cleansed, dry skin . Shake can well before application. Hold the can about 20-30cm (8-12 inches) from the skin and spray evenly. Wash the palms of your hands after use if you have any on them as it will go slightly discoloured otherwise. If you want a deeper tan, reapply the tan again. It dries instantly and I found after a couple of minutes I was able to get dressed without any transfer (I could have gotten dressed before but was playing it safe as my top is white today!!). When you have had enough of your tan, just wash it off with soap and water.

Before Application

After Application

Sun-Kissed Mist is priced at £3.99 for 150 ml and available from Bronze Ambition (Http://www.bronze-ambition.com). So good value for money! It is a great tan to use if you are going out on a special occasion and don’t want too have the bother of fake tanning. It is also amazing as a face bronzer which is how I have used it today to demonstrate the colour it develops. All I do is apply my normal foundation and blusher, then when I would usually use my powder bronzer I apply a scarf to my hair (It can discolour your hair although this does wash out!!) and spray it all over my face, neck and chest for an even coverage. The result is an even glow! I look bronzed, healthy and my skin has a beautiful dewy sheen! Perfect for the summer but also all year round!

After Application with SLR

I thoroughly love this product as it is so versatile! You could use it to even out the tan on parts of you to match the rest (Like your legs) or inbetween self tanning on your face to blend! It is very versatile, lasts till you wash it off with soap and at an amazing price I don’t think you can go wrong!

Have you tried and of the Bronze Ambition range? What did you think?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx