Review: Bronze Ambition Glow ‘n’ Go Instant Tan Matte

Looking outside it seems Summer has left us early again and with Summer leaving it means my tan will be walking out the door too! It’s times like this I look for products that give me an instant ‘pick me up’. Especially when the weather turns slightly colder and more of me is covered up, I don’t always keep up to date with my self/fake tanning. I was sent Bronze Ambition Glow ‘n’ Go Instant Tan Matte to try and tell you what I think, so here’s my review.

Bronze Ambition isn’t a new company to me now, having tried their Sun-Kissed Mist and loved it I was more than happy to try Glow ‘n’ Go. Bronze Ambitions know what they are talking about when it comes to keeping our bodies tanned and do it at a reasonable price too. They have a good wide range of products which offer different ‘tanning’ effects; from the self tans to the instant tans.

Glow ‘n’ Go is an instant tanning product and is as easy to apply as any moisturiser! You literally apply it to freshly cleansed skin and rub it in like you would a good moisturiser till its absorbed. It really is that easy!

Before Applying Bronze Ambition Glow ‘n’ Go to my arm

After Applying Bronze Ambition Glow ‘n’ Go to my arm

The smell of Glow ‘n’ Go is fresh and sweet; it doesn’t smell like a ‘self tan’ tanning product so you aren’t left smelling ‘biscuity’ and the smell isn’t overpowering either – just nice like a body spray. This is more of a feminine smell so I couldn’t see a man using it – less he likes to smell girlie!

The colour is a nice even golden brown. Not red nor orange, you are left looking like you have a nice fresh tan which isn’t too dark in colour and looks realistic and not fake in any way. I liked the results as they were more subtle than a ‘self tan’ and really liked that once I shower or bath the tan is removed. So there’s no permanent tan and if the colour isn’t right for you it’s easily gotten rid of. I especially liked using this product on my legs as it meant I could give them a nice glow and they matched the rest of me – my tan always fades quickest on my legs. This product is a matt tan, it does not leave your skin sparkly or shiny. I find it looks more natural because of this.

I really like Glow ‘n’ Go by Bronze Ambition, I think it would be great if you were off out somewhere and wanted the ‘just back from some winter sun’ look without looking over tanned like Jordan or Jodie Marsh! The smell is lovely and sweet and lasts on your skin without being over powering to all and the colour is good and even. Once my tan has faded more I feel that Glow ‘n’ Go would be the ideal colour for me during the winter months. Its very easy to apply as it’s tinted and the colour is instant. You can also use it on your face as well as your body. I found my skin which can be sensitive had no reactions what so ever to this product – another plus point.

Glow ‘n’ Go can be purchased for around £2.99 for 150 ml and is also available in travel sizes of 100ml so you could take it on holiday with you and give yourself an instant glow before catching the sun! You can purchase it direct from Bronze Ambition online or from Poundland, B&M Bargains, The Factory Shop and Home Bargains.

Have you tried Bronze Ambition yet?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx