Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum (In 53 Light Beige)

It has taken me nearly 3 months to right this review, not because I procrastinate (Which I do) but because I have had trouble deciding whether I actually like it or not. When you really like a brand like I like Bourjois, its hard to then give something an unflattering review when you feel slightly bias to the brand.

So, here is my review of the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum, a product many have raved about. When I am about to write may seem a little jumbled I guess, but its my honest opinion on the things I love and loathe about it.

A little more information about Boujois Healthy Mix Serum….

Give your skin a boost of radiance with Bourjois’ Healthy Mix Serum Gel foundation with a vitamin-rich fruit therapy formula for an even complexion and an instant anti-fatigue result!

Its fresh and instant blending gel texture blends and glides onto the skin for an even, natural finish with no mask effect. Imperfections are erased, signs of fatigue are smoothed and the skin’s radiance is boosted for up to 16 hours*.

Its instant anti-fatigue vitamin-rich fruit therapy formula is made from a fruity blend of litchi, goji berries and pomegranates. Available in 6 radiance-boosting shades.


The packaging of Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum is one of the points I do like. It is different to Healthy Mix, so easily found on the shelves in Boots and super drug. Also I like that its a pump dispenser so you can easily judge how much product is coming out and means less waste. I also like that you can unscrew the pump dispenser and use it directly from the bottle if that’s what you want to do. Another point which I think makes it better compared the Healthy Mix foundation is that you can clearly see how much you have used in the bottle. The other one isn’t as clear I don’t feel.

Another pro point for Healthy Mix Serum is the fragrance; its a slightly sweet aroma with a hint of fruits. I find it very refreshing while applying the foundation.

Being a Serum based foundation a little product goes quite a long way and layering the product for a heavier coverage works well too. I did find it gave my skin a radiant look. What I didn’t like though was this; I have quite dry skin and this often shows on my face especially around the nose, under my eyes (Where I have eczema) and around my hair line (Where I get psoriasis) – I would expect from a product that has quite a ‘serum’ (Greasy – I hate using that word but that’s what it feels like to me) like texture to be great for my skin and very moisturising in those areas, however I found if made my skin ‘shine’ like I had a permanent spot light on me all day. Even when I powdered over the top of this foundation, that greasy like appearance seemed to come straight back through. I looked like I’d smothered my face in vasaline!

I will say it does have good lasting power on the skin though. I was really impressed that my foundation still looked good after 7 hours of wear, I didn’t need to touch up the coverage of it – just the shine.

I think one of my biggest problems with Healthy Mix Serum is I can’t help but compare it to Bourjois Healthy Mix (Review Here) which I love. Which is wrong, both foundations give you that boosting glow I feel but the serum is slightly more ‘greasy’ maybe, or a better explanation would be that it gives your face more of a sheen. Although I own Healthy Mix in my Summer tanned colour and Healthy Mix Serum in my winter colour I don’t feel thats really made a difference to my liking it.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum (In 53 Light Beige) swatch

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum (In 53 Light Beige) swatch blended

After trying seeing review upon review of how many people love this product and also being a massive fan of Bourjois I really wanted to love it too. I keep using it and trying different things – the only thing I have found that works or makes me like it more is by applying a ‘mattifying’ primer under it to take out some of the ‘sheen’ it seems to give off on my skin. My other option is to heavily powder with something like Kermomask Finishing Powder which is slightly heavier than many of my other ones.

This product should be avoided by anyone who has a naturally greasy face or is normal to greasy skinned. Do expect a lot of shine along your T-Zone and a possible need to powder some areas to remove it.

So, it is with regret that as much as I have tried to love the Healthy Mix Serum for me I just can’t love it. I don’t totally hate it as I feel that a harsh and it does have some plus points in my books too, but I do feel it was a waste of money and don’t think I will be purchasing it again.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum costs £10.99 and is available in Boots, Superdrug and a few places online too.

If anyone can think of a suggestion I could try so I do like this foundation I would be happy to hear it? I’m trying so hard too but I just don’t think its for me right now.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx