Review: Babyliss Curling Wand 2285CU and My Valentines Day Curls

Nothing says Valentines Day hair for me like soft romantic curls. But I often find doing them with a curling tong (Unless you are a dab hand or someone else is doing them for you) can make them too tight, structured or just plain messy. That’s where curling wands (Or conical wands) are so much better and easy to use.

I was recently asked if I would like to try and review the new Curling Wand (2285CU) from Babyliss. Being a huge fan of Babyliss products (My straighteners, dryer and jumbo curling tongs are all Babyliss) I was keen to see whether I would love this as much. Here are my thoughts and findings…

 Babyliss Curling Wand 2285CU

A little information about the Curling Wand…

This Babyliss curling hair wand is a professional conical styler with no clamp, that creates free-flowing curls without kinks. Featuring a variable temperature to adapt to your specific hair needs and finished with a ceramic coating to add shine to your hair and keep it protected from heat damage.

  • Professional conical styler with no clamp creates free-flowing curls without kinks.
  • Features wrap control technology which gently holds the hair for easy winding and consistent results.
  • Longer length ceramic barrel, ideal for long hair.
  • Ceramic coating to add shine and protect hair from heat damage.
  • Digital settings.
  • Variable temperature – adapts to your specific hair needs for ultimate control with 5 temperature settings.
  • Maximum temperature 210°C.
  • 30sec heat-up time.
  • Ultra-fast heat recovery.
  • Stay cool tip for safer use.
  • 13-25mm ceramic barrel.
  • 2.5m swivel cord.
  • Automatic safety shut-off after 72 mins.
  • Can be used on wet hair.
  • Heat ready indicator.
  • Salon length cord for easier use.
  • Safety stand to prevent damage to surfaces.


Babyliss Curling Wand 2285CU

This isn’t the first conical wand I’ve used, so I found it really easy when curling my hair. The multiple heat settings means you can set it to the temperature you want, this is also really good for those of you who have extensions (Like myself) and don’t want to fry them (The 180 setting is perfect for this).

Another plus point about this curling wand is the long cord, this means if you like to stand or move about while doing your hair its a bit easier.

Babyliss Curling Wand 2285CU

The Wand really does heat up fast, I put mine on 180 to curl my hair for the pictures below and it was done within 30 seconds.

For those of you who find Curling Tongs (The ones with the clamp on them to secure the hair) often pull or rip their hair out (Yes, my hair gets caught in mine!) you don’t have the same problem with a Curling Wand. But you can burn your fingers!! This is where the handy heat proof glove comes in. Its a good size and will fit most hands. By using this with your wand you save burnt fingers and get really good curls.

To use a conical wand its really simple too, you literally wind your hair around it and hold the end so it doesn’t unravel. Leave for about 8-10 seconds per section and thats it!

Babyliss Curling Wand 2285CU

By winding your curls closer to the base (Near the controls where you hold the wand) you will get larger curls, the closer to the tip (Or opposite end) you will get tighter ones. The ‘cone’ like shape means you get more of a natural look when curling, the curls don’t look so ‘uniform’.

What I liked about the Babyliss Curling Wand?

Where to start really? Its a really smooth ceramic coated wand, so the hair doesn’t stick to it and when you let go the curls just fall from the wand. Its really easy to use, I can do my whole head (Take the picture below) in under 20 minutes. The curls really last well too. I also love that it has a Safety Cut Off! I am forever leaving my appliances on and then having to rush home as I’m worried about burning the house down (Yes I am forgetful at times!).

What I didn’t like?

Nothing at all. This little beauty from Babyliss is a really great product and a good price too.

The Babyliss 2285CU Curling Wand is available from Argos and at a great price of around £24.99.

Little tip, once you have released the curl from the wand take it in your hand for a minute and allow it to cool. This sets the curl better and it will last longer. Or take the curl and pin it to your head and allow it to curl with some grips/bobby pins. If you let the curls drop straight away they will be looser and softer.

Babyliss Curling Wand 2285CU Valentines Hair

For my Valentines hair I took 1 inch size sections and curled my hair away from the face. Each curl was started with the wand pointing downwards and no higher than ear level. For around the face I took the curls a little higher, so to frame my face. The hear was the swept to the side and then secure with 2 bobby pins. The whole look took less than 20 minutes and is really simple and quick to do!

For more information on Babyliss and their products you can check out their Website, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx