Review: Babyliss Boutique Italian AC Hair Dryer 2400

A while back I was EXTREMELY lucky to win a giveaway Really Ree and Babyliss were running at The Hairdryer Diaries. One of the prizes was the Babyliss Boutique Italian AC Hair Dryer 2400. I thought it was about time I reviewed this for you as it really is something special…

Babyliss Boutique Italian AC Hair Dryer 2400

Here is some information about the Babyliss Boutique Italian AC Hair Dryer 2400…

Prepare to be blown away with the new BaByliss Boutique Italian AC hair dryer! This superior quality, Italian made hairdryer has a powerful airflow for super-speedy drying results – you will be truly amazed! With some serious testing from Grazia readers, 9 out of 10 readers said this was the best hair dryer they had ever used, whilst 10 out of 10 readers said it was the fastest!*


Now, I don’t know whether I should review this product for you as a consumer or from a professional point of view really. In honesty, it performs better than any ‘regular’ hair dryer I have owned or tried on the market. It also performs better than my trusty Fransen Turbo which I use on clients. I was not sent this product to review and just because I won it does not mean I would give it a glowing review either. I really do love the Babyliss Boutique Italian AC Hair Dryer 2400, so let me back up why I think its so good.

Firstly, its really nice to hold. Now for an every day person who just does their own hair and no one else’s its perfect. Its not too heavy and feels good gripped in the hand. This is the same for stylist too. Weight is important, there’s nothing worse than doing a long blow dry with a hair dryer that weighs a tonne!

Their are 3 heat settings which comes as pretty much standard across most dryers. The cold setting is cold – no I mean it, its cold. Sometimes I find that you use the cold setting on a dryer and its warm. Being super cold its great if you are setting a curl on a round brush. So, again from a professional point of view it works well and this is a bonus for every day user. The medium heat is fine for every day styling and the hot setting is good again for heating up tools for curling etc. You couldn’t dry the hair though with the hottest setting, its too hot on the scalp.

With the dryer you get a dustbag which is good for storage, instructions and a nozzle. Now the nozzle is brilliant. For those who don’t use them, you should. It controls the air flow while drying. Granted it can take some time to get used to actually using one during a blow dry, but it will also mean a smoother, more professional finish.

Babyliss Boutique Italian AC Hair Dryer 2400 - Box Contents
Babyliss Boutique Italian AC Hair Dryer 2400 – Box Contents

The last thing I want to talk about is the power of this hair dryer. The Babyliss Boutique 2400 is super fast! A standard 20 minute blow dry can be cut down to 15 with this dryer, it really does dry fast. I can rough dry my daughter thick long waist length hair in about 12 minutes, this used to take me twice as long before. It is noisy, but there’s not many quiet hair dryers out there as that isn’t their purpose. Either way, if you want a hair dryer that will dry your hair fast, then this one is for you.

The Babyliss Boutique Italian AC Hair Dryer 2400 isn’t cheap by any means, it retails at £74.99 and there are many cheaper dryers on the market. Unlike many of those, this does have a 5 year guarantee which I don’t think I’ve ever had with a hair dryer before! So, something to bare in mind if you tend to go through your hair dryers quickly (I’m whistling here as I can do one a year!).

Overall, from a every day user and professional point of view the Boutique Italian AC Hair Dryer is an amazing piece of kit. Its fast, sleek and works great. I find it hard to fault. If I am to be EXTREMELY picky, from a professional point of view I would have liked to have a diffuser for it. However you could get a generic one, if you were super desperate.

You can purchase the Babyliss Boutique Italian AC Hair Dryer 2400 from Boots and Argos. It costs £74.99.

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