I’ll admit I change my nail varnish a lot. Normally before it’s even chipped as I am slightly obsessive about it and also get too bored easily. My nail polish collection is large to say the least as its strange for me to have a polish in my collection I’ve not used before. Today I decided to change my polish and saw my bottle of ELF nail varnish in plum. I have 6 different ELF (Eyes Lips Face) polishes from the ELF range and have to say they are… ok. I don’t find them to have amazing lasting power less I apply a good top coat or 2 over them I know within days I will have chipping. However I find their colour range pretty good and accurate too the packaging and for the price you pay (I bought this months ago on their 50% off Sale – See the Haul post here) I think you do kind of get what you pay for (Although in comparison to say Boots 17 range I find their polishes amazing with very good staying power and for about the same price).

Its not often I review polishes, namely as I have too many and some I get from the wholesalers where the brands aren’t as easy to come by. However, I thought I would review this one for the reasons you will see below.

I often look for reasonable priced polishes that are good and easily available for clients. They often want to paint their nails in between treatments and some can’t afford high end. ELF is easily available from their website and often if you are putting in a larger order there is money off codes to be used.

Their shade range is pretty good and at £1.50 (Standard price) for 10ml (Good average size) they seem a bit of a bargain. As I said before I own 6 different colours and none of the others have ever looked like this on my nails. Maybe it is a one off? Maybe I have a duff batch? Either way I am completely disappointed with this nail varnish.

Firstly no matter how I applied it the application was slightly uneven. It looked a bit ‘gloopy’. However when the second coat was applied the colour looked good.

The finish of this polish was not what I expected at all. According to the ELF site it should have a ‘high shine’ finish. Hmm, I think not little puppy. I showed Mark my nails and even he said, ‘Ewww.’ The finish is an uneven slightly shiny and matt finish. I don’t know if it will show very well on the image below but the closest I can describe it is for those that have had their nails done with a UV top coat and when it gets to around 2 weeks and the nails are looking a little dull and warn in places – well that’s the finish I have here. Or if you breath on your nails like you would a window to create a steam, not very attractive but you get the idea and not what you’d expect nn freshly painted nails!

Now as a nail tech I know how important it is to apply a good top coat and I know once I have one on these nails it will look all shiny and good. But and there is a but, many people I know don’t bother with one. So for those, it could mean a application of a polish only to remove it due to the strange finish it seems to have.

My last point on this polish I would like to make is about the colour. All my other ELF polishes are true to the colour shown on the bottle. It makes it easy picking them. This as you will see from the photo looks a nice plum colour – much like its name. On my nails it looks a dark brown. No hint of plum there at all. In case you are wondering maybe I have a wrongly labeled product? Well on the first coat you can clearly see its plum. It’s just down hill from there.

I’m just wondering if anyone else has had problems with this colour or ELF polishes. As I said I know they aren’t the best for lasting power but I find their colours (Well some of them) can be really good.

If I was asked if I would recommend this polish – I think you can guess my answer would be no. I have other ELF products which I love and even the other nail varnishes I own fair better than this one – I just can’t express how disappointed I am as the colour of the bottle looks lovely!

Sorry folks but I won’t be using this one again and it will be making its way to a bin shortly. If you have any ideas what’s gone wrong with this polish, please drop me a comment below or if you have had a similar problem I’d love to hear! I know its only a cheap one but I do feel for those on a budget you should still get a ‘reasonable’ polish.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx