Review and FOTD: L’Oreal Rouge Caresse in Aphrodite Scarlet 06

With so much talk of the Revlon Lip Butters I was keen to try then; in honesty I was a little disappointed and felt there was much over hype where they were concerned. A shame really as I was as excited as many others were. Then I heard of L’Oreals similar version release – Rouge Caresse and wondered how they would compare. As I do not own any of the Lip Butters this is not a comparison review, however it is a review with swatch of one of the shades I picked up from the L’Oreal Rouge Caresse range (And in my opinion the most beautiful shade!).

I have to say I loved the casing for this lipstick. It reminded me of the YSL Rouge Volupte casing in that it was gold and rich looking. What I wasn’t as keen on was the plastic lid that covers the lipstick as I have a terrible tendency to crack them. Still the lipstick casing shape was the same size as Rouge Volupte and meant if you were applying it directly from the tube rather than with a brush was a very good application.

The lip colours themselves are almost transparent ‘barely there’ colours. Gloss with a hint of colour but more so than a lip tint. So do not be put off by the colours of the actual lipsticks, on application they are not vibrant at all. I recommend swatching these first and if possible trying them on your lips as lip pigmentation will obviously make a difference to the colour.

Aphrodite Scarlet (Shade 06) in the tube is a beautiful coral like red, it is what I would cool close to a true red colour. On application its a swipe of raspberry red gloss like lipbalm across your lips – sexy and subtle.

The lipstick glides on your lips and feels nice on. My lips felt hydrated and not greasy. Although in the tube the lipstick didn’t seen to have a smell I did notice on my lips it smelt kind of plasticy – that smell that some lipsticks can have. Its not terribly strong but something I wasn’t expecting. I am glad to say this smell didn’t last. But also sad to say nor did the lipstick.

Due to the silky moisturising, almost lip balm like texture this lipstick just didn’t last and it meant multiple applications. I am not a lip chewer and I don’t smoke anymore either, but found after an hour I was needing to touch up as my lipstick bordered non0-existent! Not something I expected from L’Oreal as usually their lipsticks are really good.

Over all for £7.99 I was a little disappointed. L’Oreals Rouge Caresse is priced the same as the Revlon Lip Butters and in my eyes probably exactly the same in texture. I didn’t feel with the Lip Butters I got any longer lasting lipstick than with the Rouge Caresse by L’Oreal. The other problem with Rouge Caresse is availability, it took me 3 different stores to actually get this lipstick in this colour. The stands were terrible and not well looked after at all wherever I went (2 Large Boots stores and a large Superdrug).

However, if I ignore (Which is hard) the lipsticks fault I can’t help but say what a beautiful colour it is and how it was a more wearable raspberry red shade. For those scared of reds and strong pigmented lipsticks I feel these could be a great outlet for you. This is my face of the day I wore wearing Aphrodite Scarlet, I felt it bought a femininity to the look which a more pigmented lipstick would have robbed it of.

To summarise I felt L’Oreal Rouge Caresse lipsticks have as many pros to them as cons, which is sad really. The shade range is of 10 different colours (I believe at present), which means there will be one to sort all skin tones and cover most looks. I feel these will be great for Summer when many of us opt for a more natural make up.

What’s your opinion of the Revlon Lip Butter, over hyped? Have you tried Rouge Caresse by L’Oreal? I’m interested to hear peoples opinions on this one as to me the products are almost identical bar the plastic like smell that comes from L’Oreals.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx