Review: Anatomicals Body Cleansers

I’ve become a massive fan of the Anatomicals range (I’ve some great products to share with you over the next few weeks) and never realised exactly how many products they actually make.  Today I want to share with you 3 great products I’ve recently been sent…


Anatomicals – Another Bloody Shower Gel, I Should Be So Mucky and You Need A Bloomin Shower

I have always loved the advertising slogans on the Anatomicals range, they always make me giggle a bit and they are also great to browse upon while you are in the bath or shower. The marketing people for Anatomicals deserve a medal for their clever naming of products and descriptions!

Each product is in a hand pump dispenser sized container. These are really easy to use and what’s better, very easy to close too – so you can take them travelling with you. I love that all the packagings for these body washes are the same and put together side by side, look really quite attractive on the side of the bath.

Anatomicals Another Bloody Shower Gel

A favourite with my older daughters, Another Bloody shower gel was the first product by Anatomicals (According to the label) and one I can see why they kept in their catalogue. It has a strange exotic fragrance which I can’t narrow down to one flower or fruit, its more like a gorgeous fruit cocktail mixed with flowers! Out of the 2 body washes this fragrance is the most unique and leaves your skin with a light, fruity scent which lasts! I can see me having to buy lots of this one as its become very popular in my bathroom!

Anatomicals Another Bloody Shower Gel

Anatomicals I Should Be So Mucky

The I Should Be So Mucky body cleanser is a favourite with my little boy and not just because it has blue packaging. The fragrance is light and refreshing – a mix of aloe vera and white hazel gives the body wash a fresh scent with a hint of a floral undertone. I also find with this product it leaves my skin feeling more moisturised than with the other products in this review. This shower gel isn’t too ‘girly’ in scent, so can be used by men – but let’s be honest ladies, sometimes its nice to just keep things to ourselves!


Anatomicals  I Should Be So Mucky

Anatomicals You Need A Bloomin Shower

This body cleansing shower gel has the most amazing fragrance. I have always loved the scent of roses and this gentle mix of rose and jasmine is really lovely. The cleanser is really good on the skin too. As with all of the Anatomicals products I’ve tried so far, I’ve not had any reaction at all to this product and it has been used directly on my psoriasis and eczema! My skin after is left feeling clean, fresh and with a gorgeous fragrance too. Out of the 3 body cleansers I’ve tried this is my absolute favourite!

Anatomicals You Need A Bloomin Shower

Each body cleanser is priced £3.00 for 300ml and available from ASOS. A reasonable price I feel for gorgeous scented product which will get you all clean! My children absolutely love using these at bath time (Which means less trouble trying to persuade them to get clean!) and they are a big hit with the whole family.

For more information on Anatomicals – check them out on their WebsiteFacebook and Twitter.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx