Retail Therapy – My Ever Growing Wish List

What a beautiful day it was, weathers been lovely here in Essex today and bar having to go on a Fun Run with my children’s school it has been quite good. Managed to get my Niece’s 1st birthday present (Been ages since I’ve shopped for a baby girl!) and my eldest her new converse – so productive.

Had a quick walk around Superdrug while in town and saw a few things I want to get in there, which got me thinking. I really should do a shopping list of the things I want to get not necessarily to review but to try for my own curiosity and what better place to put it? On my blog of course. That way you guys who read it can always tell me your views on these products!

I’m not going to put these in any particular order and am going to limit each shopping list post to 6 items, otherwise we’ll be here all day (And night!).

RapidLash Enhancing Serum – Read mixed reviews on this one but much like Talika I think it has a lot to do with unrealistic expectations. I know its pricey but still would like to try it. £40.84 @Boots

Soleil Tan De Chanel (Bronzing Makeup Base) – My Luxury product! I love my Chanel things and have heard so many things on this that I don’t just want it… I NEED IT! At some point I’ll pop in and see my Chanel lady @Debenhams and get some. £29.00

Smashbox Limitless Lip Stain (In Guava) – Ever since seeing Pixiwoo showing a swatch of this on their YouTube I’ve wanted this stain!! I love the summery colour and it would also further my obsession of lip products! Not seen this @Debenhams, but its online. £21.50

Sleek’s ‘Oh So Special’ Palette – Saw this review today on Mizz Worthy’s Blog (You can see images off it there and swatches too) and to say I want it is an understatement! Hopefully out early July I really want to get this bad! I’m guessing it’ll be about the price of the other Sleek palettes so about £6.50 or there abouts.

A bit more research but there will be cream blushers on my list. I already own 4 (Plus 2 bronzers) which I use a lot and bought another one today (L’Oreal I think) but theres so many more I want to try. Some examples in pictures (Left to right; Topshop Blush in Flush, Mac Blushcream, Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge cheeks lips)

Last product (similar to the above as there’s more than 1 brand) is foundation. I really want to try Revlon’s Photoready (£12.99 in Natural Beige @Boots), Bobby Brown’s Skin Foundation (£29.00 @Debenhams) and Clarin’s Skin Illusion Natural Radiance (£24.00 @Debenhams).

I think that’s my list for now. I would still love a Naked palette but I just can’t justify the money on it right now when its not something I would use daily (That and its gone up £5 since I first started looking at them – that’s in the space of a few months which I thinks ridiculous. More principle than anything).

Lots of Love,


Mel xxxx