Recover Correct & Conceal Red in Light

I’m back today with a product review on the Recover Correct & Conceal Red. A product that has given me that ‘your skin but better’ look and something I now would struggle not to have in my makeup collection.

When I first saw the buzz and hype of this product I was cautious. Admittedly I’ve bought into products like that before and been sorely disappointed. Recover Correct & Conceal Red did sound a little too good to be true, but curiosity did get the better of me and I decided to try this product out.

Recover Correct & Conceal Red in Light

Here is some information on the Recover Correct & Conceal Red…

Instantly correct and conceal facial redness. We’ve used specially selected yellow-toned pigments in our feather-light formulation for a seamless, ‘no makeup’ finish. Our soothing gold-plated applicator tip delivers a super fine layer of product, neutralising redness and disguising imperfections. Experience the next generation of concealer, exclusively developed by our expert makeup artist and founder, Annabel Jardella.


Recover Correct & Conceal Red in Light
Recover Correct & Conceal Red Swatches (Left image without Flash, Right image with flash) Left to Right – Light, fair, beige, mid tan and deep tan

At present Recover Correct & Conceal Red is available in 5 shades, I have been informed they are also adding an additional shade ‘very light’ shortly for those who are ultra pale. As a guide I have the shade in light and my skin without fake tan on is pale (Shade reference; L’Oreal Eau De Tint in Porcelain, No7 Super Light in Cool Vanilla, Clinique Beyond Perfecting in Alabaster) and Light is a good fit for my skin and over my foundations too.

To say I was a little blown away by this product is an understatement. Now having just turned 40, although my skin appear young in looks it has changed and some concealers can ‘sit’ on my skin no matter how I blend or just look unnatural in appearance even if the colour match is perfect. Application doesn’t seem to help and my skin is always moisturised before application too. So I really didn’t hold out great hopes, but this product really does do everything it says and a little more.

Recover Correct & Conceal Red in Light

The slight redness on my skin is concealed, even with no makeup at all. I can wear a ‘lighter’ foundation or even a BB cream and still get a great natural look without imperfections on view applying Correct & Conceal Red under it. This product does cover my spots and some darker pigmentation if worn over my foundation. I loved that being such a ‘light’ consistency product I could use this under my eyes, it didn’t sit in my fine lines and emphasise them more. This product is not actually designed for that area (On the website there is talk of the Correct & Conceal Under Eye being released Autumn 2016 but I will definitely be purchasing and trying), but it really does brighten and make me look more awake! The best thing I’ve noticed is just how natural this product looks on my skin. Its like that ultimate nude lipstick, your lips but better – well, this is my skin but better. Admittedly this does not conceal everything at times (If you have a severe redness from a spot say) and a second application can be necessary, but again this product is so light it doesn’t look pasty or thick and can be layered and is buildable. At the time of reviewing this I also had a sample pack of the colours which I swatched above for you. The darker shades ‘mid tan’ and ‘deep tan’ were also perfect for contouring! I kid you not, I know Recover Correct & Conceal Red isn’t designed for that purpose, but my contour looked amazing!

Recover Correct & Conceal Red in Light

Over all, I just couldn’t fault this product. It had so many different uses as a concealer type product that it was worth its weight in gold. My skin had no reaction to the product at all, it looked great and lasted well on my skin (Although was set with a light dusting of translucent loose powder when worn over my foundation). I loved that I could have ‘natural’ days and not wear foundation but still look polished and fresh! I highly recommend this product and will add that if you do have slightly more mature skin and like a concealer which is light, hydrating and covers redness, then this is it!

The Recover Correct & Conceal Red is available currently in 5 shades (Light, fair, beige, mid tan and deep tan) and costs £28.00 for 5ml of product. You can purchase it directly from the Recover Cosmetics website.

For more information why not checkout their Website, Facebook or Twitter?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx

*I have not included a before and after of this product on my skin as my redness issues are always hormonal and the before and after images I took didn’t show a huge difference on my every day skin. I will be adding a before and after in the next couple of week to demonstrate how amazing this product is on redness.