This post should have been written ages ago, but its taken me till now to do it! Todays review is on the make up brushes everyone has spoken and raved about the Real Technique make up brushes.

Now, I actually won my set in a giveaway from the lovely Jo over at BoldnBella (Her lovely blog is here) and to say I was over the moon was an understatement! I was so pleased to win them as I couldn’t really justify more money on brushes at the time (I have quite a few, albeit some really rubbish ones!) and I’d heard so many great things about them. So firstly, I want to say in this review a massive thanks to Jo!!!

The brushes are created by the very talented make up artist and 1 half of Pixiwoo – Samantha Chapman. If you are in any way shape or form interested in makeup and tutorials I’d check out Sam and Nic’s youtube channel!! To say these ladies are super talented beauty gurus is an understatement!

The Real Techniques brush set I won was the Core Collection which consists of 4 brushes;

Detailer Brush

Pointed Foundation Brush

Buffing Brush

Contour Brush

They also come in a really great case which can also be easily altered with a little pull cord and clasp so it stands up. This is how I have mine on my make up table all the time and its so much easier! The case is really sturdy too and not like some make up cases I’ve had (Like Sigma but I’m not pointing fingers…).

Unless you have been on the planet Mars you will also know these brushes are amazing! I could now write a thousand word piece on just how amazing they are but I don’t think you need me too. They are super soft and feel very comfortable in your hand. Blending wise my foundation has never looked so good on or perfect (Well in my opinion). I think the brush I probably use the least is the Detailer Brush. I just don’t really know of a use for it. My most used brushes would be the Buffing Brush which I use for my foundation and the Contour Brush which is perfect for cream blush! The Pointed Foundation Brush I actually use for my concealer (It is the same size as the large Sigma concealer brush).

Cleaning these brushes is a breeze, I do mine every few days now and just use a little baby shampoo. I rinse them thoroughly and dry them upside down in the case/stand. They are dry within about 8 hours I find when left like this and perfect to use again.

I have not seen ANY loss at all from these brushes; not when I’m using them or when I’ve cleaned them!

All in all these brushes in my opinion are a must have! At £21.99 in Boots stores (and online) you are getting 4 very good quality brushes and if you work that out individually thats only £5.50 (Just under) a brush! At present they are also on special in Boots and part of their 3 for 2 offer, so you could get an even greater saving!

Before I end this review I also wanted to include my Real Techniques Stippling Brush which I bought. This brush is also amazing and great for foundation and getting a good airbrushed effect with your make up. This brush alone is £11.99 but truly worth its weight in gold!

Have you tried the Real Techniques brush collection yet?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx