If you are new to my blog you may not have heard of Queen Cosmetics before (They have been around for 85 years!), if you aren’t new to my blog you will know I have tried a few products in their range so far and really loved them. They are a brand designed for sensitive skin but best of all their products are really good too. They really are my little gem of the sensitive skin world, I almost want to keep them to myself but as I’m a beauty blogger I will share them with you too!

I have reviewed the Eyelash Cream, Eye Makeup Remover and the Sensiderma Moisture Soothe before (Clickable Links).

I recently was sent the Sensiderma Foundation Cream from Queen Cosmetics to share with you and think this is a product that may interest many of you who have sensitive skin and suffer with finding a primer that is suitable for them, especially those who have very dry skin.

Here is some information from Queen Cosmetics about Sensiderma Foundation Cream *source*

Another beauty classic and, these days a rather unique product, Sensiderma Foundation Cream is much-loved by our longstanding and loyal clientele. This sensitive skin cream is colourless and was originally created for use with coloured face powders, providing a matt base for the powder and thus helping it to adhere to the skin and stop it from becoming dry.

Today, many of our clients continue use Sensiderma Foundation Cream instead of a coloured foundation – it makes a perfect base for blusher for example – while other customers use it underneath their coloured foundation to ensure it stays on longer and to prevent dryness. If find that your existing brand of coloured foundation is fine for short periods but can cause irritation or start to flake after a certain length of time, Sensiderma Foundation Cream can make an excellent primer for sensitive skin types. Use it underneath your existing foundation as a barrier to reduce irritation and/or to prolong the smooth appearance of your foundation.


The cream its self doesn’t have any scent at all (I’ve found this to be the case with all of the Queen Cosmetics products I have tried) and is super thick in constistancy. You don’t need very much product when you apply it to your skin as it glides on quite well. Its strange as the cream feels thick but on the skin it feels more water based – its as if you can feel it being absorbed by the skin.

I’ll be honest and say once the cream is on my skin I didn’t like the feel of it. It felt like I had applied a watery moisturiser and my skin didn’t feel tight but felt slightly damp. This sensation lasts probably seconds but I wanted to mention it. This is where my dislikes for the product end.

Sensiderma Foundation Cream

Sensiderma Foundation Cream blended out on my skin, you will noticed the skin appears more matt and also smoother in appearance.

I have applied this under makeup as a primer and also on its own. I’ve tried it under all types of foundation from the heavier kinds (Like Chanel Vitalumier) to BB Creams (Garnier BB Cream and Skin 79) and tinted moisturisers (Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint) and have found that the primer works exceptionally well. In all cases my foundation lasted much longer throughout the day. My skin has flared up slightly recently to the sides of my eye and near my hair line on my temples; I found that Sensiderma Foundation Creams formula really helped in these areas with it being so moisturising and made the skin appear smoother. Especially under the eye area.

You can of course wear this on its own and not under foundation. You can apply any makeup over it (Blusher, shadow, liquid or powder) and I’ve also found it is really good if you are having a natural day and just apply some concealer over the foundation. This primer does not make you look shiny either even though it is for dry skin and you would expect it to be very moisturising. There is definitely a matt effect on the skin.

As with all of the Queens Cosmetics products I have tried; I found my skin to have no reaction what so ever to this product. I did find my skin felt very moisturised while my makeup was on and didn’t have any ‘spot’ breakouts either. The areas under my eye where my eczema is looked smoother and also the cream didn’t aggravate the skin there.

With Queen Cosmetics you are paying for a quality product; the 100g tub/jar of Sensiderma Foundation Cream costs £23.50 however it will last you absolutely ages! If you are unsure whether this product would be good for you; Queen Cosmetics stock sample/trial sizes of many of their products, this costs £3.95.

Over all I was very impressed with the Foundation Cream. It has made my makeup last longer and after trying several highstreet brand primers and having problems with them I’ve finally got a product that makes my makeup last longer and look better on my skin.

If you would like to read more about Queen Cosmetics why not check out their website?

Will you be trying the Sensiderma Foundation Cream? Maybe you already have, what did you think of it?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx