Queen Cosmetics – Eye Make Up Remover and Eyelash Cream

I like nothing better than trying new things (It’s one of the reasons why I started blogging in the first place), and when I heard about Queen Cosmetics I just had to try some of them items so requested a sample. What interested me about Queen Cosmetics was that they had been around since 1927, that’s 85 years of experience in products designed for sensitive skin. As many of you know I have very sensitive skin and am always searching for new product for myself and people like me to try which are good for our skin and cause us no problems.

I was sent 2 products to share my thoughts with you; Queen Cosmetics Eye Make Up Remover and Queen Cosmetics Eyelash Cream.

One thing that stands out to me about Queen Cosmetics is their packaging. It is simplistic, basic and to the point. It made the products in my opinion feel more wholesome. It almost made me feel like they had put more thought into what’s inside the tubs than on the outside – which is the way I like it when it comes to skin care.

When I first opened the Eye Make Up Remover my honest first reaction was, ‘What is this?’ I then re read the label to make sure it was indeed eye make up remover – this product didn’t look like ANY eye make up remover I had ever used. I often make a habit of not reading up too much on a product before using it. I like to make up my own mind and have my own experiences before I read what others think and how they found the product.

The eye make up remover is a thick cream like substance which is white. It feels quite greasy and smooth. Its a hard one to describe and I think the pictures may show you a little better what it really looks like. The eye make up remover has no scent at all and is designed for people with sensitive eyes and sensitive eye conditions. It is also suitable for contact lens wearers.

To use this eye make up remover apply the cream with your finger to your eye make up you are removing. Gently wipe it over the skin, it will glide over smoothly – almost like applying a cream based vaseline if there was one! Then take a damp piece of cotton wool and wipe the eye make up away. You won’t believe just how much make up this one motion removes. I applied a heavy eye look the other day (See here) and used cream pencil base, shadow, eye liner, lashes and mascara. As you can imagine that’s a lot of make up to remove. This got it all off and with 2 piece of cotton wool.

It doesn’t drag or snag your skin when you wipe cotton wool over it. In fact its so gentle it makes the cotton wool feel softer in my opinion. My eczema sits in the folds of skin under my eyes and this is extremely sore for me at times; however this eye make up remover didn’t irritate the skin there at all. In fact due to the formula of the eye make up remover I found the skin under my eyes felt moisturised and protected after taking my make up off. This is something I had not experienced with other products.

The eye make up remover costs £14.50 for 50g (You can also get a sample size of this product for £3.75). I know you are thinking that is awfully expensive. Yes in the initial outlay. However this product will last ages – when I say ages I mean I have used this product for nearly 2 weeks daily. I’ve hardly made a dent in it at all. So I could see this lasting me 6 months, maybe more! Queen Cosmetics has definitely found a new customer here as I can’t ever see me going back to a liquid eye make up remover again now. For full details including ingredients of Queen Cosmetics Eye Make Up Remover please click here.

The Eyelash Cream by Queen Cosmetics was a product that greatly interested me. If you are a follower of my blog you will know I have reviewed several eyelash serums but never reviewed an eyelash cream that is specifically designed to condition, repair and define lashes.

The cream is slightly greasy and reminded me of Vaseline in that its a similar consistency. It has no smell what so ever and is also designed for sensitive eyes. A little of this product goes a very long way and what’s better it has multiple uses too!

I tried using the Eyelash cream as an eye lash conditioner at night once I had taken off all my makeup by applying it to my eyelashes and brows. I found that my eyes didn’t sting at all, I had no sensitivity to this at all. I also used it as a brow tamer by running it through my brows with a spooly (Disposable mascara wand) which I found to work brilliantly! I never knew my brows needed taming really before using the Eyelash Cream. I also applied it as a mascara which I read you could do too using a spooly and I definitely noticed definition with my lashes (I just prefer mascara, but this was also a great way of applying the Eyelash cream too my lashes too condition them).

Over all I thought the Eyelash cream was brilliant. It’s multi purpose and I’ll admit my lashes are definitely in better condition. I also noticed I am not losing as many (I often have clumpy section missing) so I am sure its strengthening my lashes too.

The Eyelash Cream is £9.70 for 12ml and in my opinion will last you a fair time (This will depend on whether you are using in just on your lashes or on brows too). I never thought I had unruly brows but since using this on my brows it is now part of my daily make up routine and I wouldn’t be without it! For full details including ingredients of Queen Cosmetics Eyelash Cream please click here.

I will definitely be looking more at Queen Cosmetics, I have a feeling they are like a hidden gem and there’s plenty more wonders in their ranges too find still.

Queen Cosmetics don’t just have skin care; they also have a cosmetics line, sun care and even soap! For more information or to purchase items, check out their online store here.

Have you tried Queen Cosmetics before?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx