Pro:Voke Hair Colour Remover

Having used many colour removers in my time on my hair, I stumbled across the Pro:Voke Hair Colour Remover and decided to give it a try and review it for you. There aren’t that many full reviews on the blogasphere on the Pro:voke one and I thought I’d do this review to share my thoughts, plus its a bargain price wise compared to the other colour removers on the market.

Pro:Voke Hair Colour Remover


Firstly I am not new to colour removers at all. I’ve used most of the ones I’ve found on the market in the UK. Please bare in mind this is a COLOUR REMOVER and not a COLOUR STRIPPER (The 2 products are 2 totally different things!). This does not contain bleach, it doesn’t contain ammonia either and its not going to lift your hair. To those reviews I’ve read mentioning it does lift your hair, it doesn’t (Unless things have changed drastically since I was at college training and I’m pretty sure they haven’t). Even if you are using a darker shade of hair dye/colour on your hair it still contains peroxide which will chemically make your hair underneath lighter (Lift the shade) even if they hair colour is darker. Hope that makes sense. So when you do use a colour remover, you will often see your root area is lighter than your natural colour when it grows through. With colour removers remember this is not a final destination of colour but a stop along the way. You are probably going to want to tone afterwards (Otherwise you are probably going to be a nice shade of orange brass more often than not) and to use a semi permanent and not a permanent after. Although a colour remover will shrink the colour molecules in your hair shaft some will remain and almost ANY colour you pop on after is going to come out darker and probably undo a lot of what you have done. So choose a semi permanent that is 1-2 shades lighter than what you are aiming for and if you can don’t colour your hair for 48 hours after doing a colour removing process as it gives your hair time to settle down. Also, if you have bleached hair you’ve coloured over and then use a colour remover there will be staining to your lightened hair, it won’t go back to your bright shade of blonde without some work after. Right, that all being said and done, lets get on with the review.

Pro:Voke Hair Colour Remover - Rear packaging
Pro:Voke Hair Colour Remover – Rear packaging

So Pro:Voke Hair Colour Remover is very similar to other colour removers on the market and was recommended to me by a Hair Dressing friend who said it was really quite good (Not saying names). If I was to liken it to on more so than others I would say Decolour Remover but that’s namely down to the shorter rinsing times (Reviews here, which I’ve also done a post comparing that to Colour B4 if you want to see that). Its designed to remove unwanted colours you’ve applied to your hair, whether they are permanent or semi permanent ones. I find Colour Removers often struggle with vivid or bright colours (Think Manic Panic, Bleach London, La Riche Directions) but generally as a rule work well on regular colours to a degree.

Pro:Voke Hair Colour Remover - Box contents
Pro:Voke Hair Colour Remover – Box contents

In the box you have all the things you will need (Well, bar a pair of scissors to snip the top of the applicator bottle tip once you’ve mixed the product up) to get going. If you have hair that’s below shoulder length or thick I’d get more than 1 box – just saying. The instructions are easy to follow in honesty. If not see one of my other Colour Remover posts as I know I’ve done more in-depth ones on those.

I took pictures throughout the process to show you from Before, during and after the process.

Pro:Voke Hair Colour Remover - Before
Pro:Voke Hair Colour Remover – Before

Here is my hair before. Excuse the state of it but I clarified this the night before so there was no product build up and didn’t condition so its a bit fluffy! On my hair here I’ve a medium brown permanent dye with also a toner over that. This had gone over a permanent and semi permanent blonde, plus my ends were bleach from being platinum about 8 weeks ago – so yeah, this product had its work cut out!

Pro:Voke Hair Colour Remover - Straight after application
Pro:Voke Hair Colour Remover – Straight after application

This is my hair straight after applying the colour remover and combing it though. This is before processing. You can see its already started to work. Most colour removers state about 30 minutes to an hour processing, I left this on 30 minutes and that’s what the instructions said. As colour removers go Pro:voke’s didn’t stink as much as some but was still a bit smelly.

Pro:Voke Hair Colour Remover - After processing time before buffering
Pro:Voke Hair Colour Remover – After processing time before buffering

Here is my hair after the 30 minutes processing and before the rinsing. Has to be said the rinsing is probably the worst part of ANY colour remover. With rinsing this one it states to rinse for at least 5 minutes, apply half of the buffer (Its just like a shampoo), wait a minute, then rinse for another 5 minutes, apply the other half of the buffer and rinse as normal. I will warn you now, your hair is going to feel SQUEAKY clean. This stuff is like a clarifying process and will make your hair feel on the drier side. This is the same across the board with colour removers. If you aren’t colouring on the same day I’d add a conditioner and let it sit for a couple of minutes and rinse. If you are colouring the same day, don’t condition as the hairs in a good state ph wise to apply a colour straight over.

Pro:Voke Hair Colour Remover - After process, freshly dried hair
Pro:Voke Hair Colour Remover – After process, freshly dried hair

Right, here is my hair after the process. I did not apply a conditioner so its SUPER fluffy and dry looking but I wanted to do this so I could see its true condition for the review. You will notice its removed a lot of the colour out, but there’s staining on my ends. In this picture the ends are looking rather warm still. In reality they are actually a weird murky blonde which I think its staining from the brown dye on my bleached hair. My hair is not worse condition wise than before. No breakage etc it just needs a condition. As I stated earlier in this review, this is not a finished result as such. Now I’ve removed the unwanted shades I then work on it from here. Which is a little trickier with my ends being ashy and my roots warm, still I’ll think of something.

So over all, did I like Pro:Voke Hair Colour Remover? YES! It does what many of the other colour removers do on the market but at a fraction of the price which was the reason I purchased this in the first place. I could get 2-3 of these for say 1 box of Colour B4. So, it’s cost effective, it does work and it doesn’t screw my hair. I would recommend giving this a go if you do see it about and need a colour remover.

Pro:Voke Hair Colour Remover price varies although I’ve seen you can get this in Saver for a few pounds and B&M Home Bargains! I found this one eBay and Amazon too. I bought mine from eBay.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx