I love a blogger challenge and today’s post is all about the Playtex Round the Clock with 24H Soft Challenge and how I got on with their 24H Soft tights.

Playtex Round the Clock with 24H Soft Challenge

Playtex have released their new hosier collection and have 6 different ranges including the 24H Soft tights which I’ll be wearing for this challenge. 24H Soft tights claim to feel like a second skin and promise all day comfort, thanks to a stretchy, soft-touch fabric and an innovative, patented waistband that holds without squeezing. The aim of the challenge is to wear this tights from morning till night (Or for the whole 24 hours if I can do it) and see if they live up to their claims!

Playtex 24h Soft size chart on packaging

Playtex 24h Soft size chart on packaging

So, what better way to do this challenge than to document my journey for you and share my thoughts on the new 24H Soft tights from Playtex. For those wondering the tights I’m going to wear are 40 denier and they’re black, I’ve also included a snap shot of the back of the packaging which explains how you work out what size you are.

My personal aim for this challenge was to put these tights on when I get dressed in the morning and then wear them for as long as I could. We all know that sometimes with tights they can be like bras; they serve a purpose, but boy does it feel great when you get them off! As these new tights are supposed too ‘hold without squeezing’ and have an ‘ultra flexible waistband’ I wondered if it would be possible to wear them the whole 24hours and still be comfortable. Let’s see shall we…

Playtex Round the Clock with 24H Soft Challenge

I got ready as normal at 7am and got dressed first which isn’t something I normally do, but wanted to give these 24H Soft tights as long as I could. I picked the one day to do the challenge when I was feeling bloated and a bit eugh (You know that time I’m talking about I’m sure) and was dreading something pushing down on my stomach. Although the tights claimed they stretchy and didn’t squeeze you in I was a little worried. Putting the tights on I was even more concerned, they felt quite tight on my legs as I was getting them on and I then worried they wouldn’t fit me or would roll down all day (I’m a curvy girl after all). All was fine though once I got them on. In fact, the waist band sat nicely on my waist and there was none of that ‘constricting’ feeling you get with some tights.

Usually after a few hours I find tights ‘roll’ or start to slip a little and I need to pull them up, but was surprised to find I didn’t need to do that at all with these tights. Even with toilet trips they still were holding their shape.

Playtex Round the Clock with 24H Soft Challenge

My bloatedness (Is that a word?) didn’t improve throughout the day, but I’m happy to say the tights didn’t pull me in, squeeze me or make me feel like I was wearing a plastic wrap either. I felt comfortable and would like to say their ‘second skin’ comment was quite on par to how they felt.

Come 5pm (Now around the 10 hour wear mark, so well over the average day of work) I was still comfortable. In honesty I was slightly surprised by just how well the tights were doing. I didn’t have that ‘bra’ feeling when I couldn’t wait to get them off.

I did wonder how I’d feel after dinner as we were having a casserole and I do tend to bloat out more after eating a cooked dinner. At 6:30pm we sat down to eat and when I had finished I was still pleasantly surprised by the 24H Soft tights.

I delayed my bath till 9pm as I wanted to leave the tights on as long as possible. At the 14 hour wear mark I can say they still felt good, they looked good and also still held their shape. After my bath I admit I didn’t put the tights back on, namely as I had moisturised and always find it harder popping something on after doing that. But 14 hours wear with a pair of tights in my book is really good going, especially when they felt as comfortable as they did!

Here are a few key points I want to add before I end my challenge post on the Playtex 24H Soft tights…

  • The tights claim they are like a second skin, I agree with this. I did obviously feel like I had something on my legs, but it was a light feeling.
  • They promised all day comfort – Yes, I felt comfortable even though I was extremely bloated and that really impressed me. I didn’t have the ‘bra’ feeling when you can wait to remove them after wearing them all day!
  • The fabric is soft and stretchy. Not so much so that you would need to drop a size, but it seemed to adapt to your shape. I find with some tights they will fit me in the legs but not the hips or vice versa, but these tights once on fit me in all the right places without being constrictive. Also the waist band was very comfortable and didn’t dig into me. It didn’t give me that ‘VTL’ (Visible ‘tights’ line).
  • Lastly, I wanted to add that I didn’t feel ‘sweaty’ in the tights. Those of you who wear the thicker 40 and 70 denier tights I’m hoping you will know what I mean. My skin felt like it could breathe.

Over all, I really enjoyed taking part in the Playtex 24H Soft challenge. I’ve now found a new brand of hosiery I can wear and would recommend these for those out there who do have to wear tights for long periods of time. They were really comfortable and also washed well after (Retaining their shape), so I will be wearing them again.

The Playtex 24H Soft 40 Denier tights are available in sizes S, M, L and XL for £9.00. They are available at Next where you can also buy them in 80, 40 and 20 Denier.

For more information on Playtex and their products, why not checkout their Website or Facebook?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx

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