Plantur 39 for Coloured and Stressed Hair

Plantur 39 Shampoo, Conditioner and Tonic

I have been super excited to write up this review on the Plantur 39 hair system. I bought these products a little over 5 weeks ago. As many will know from my previous post on Hair Growth products (See post here), I have tried quite a few now. Having used them a decent amount of time I’d like to share my thoughts with you on them and of course, my results.

For the first week of using the Plantur 39 range, I only used the Shampoo and Conditioner. Both of these products were for Coloured and Stressed hair. Generally I wash my hair every other day and continued this while using Plantur 39. After the first week I started using the Hair Tonic in the range on the days I did not wash my hair. During the time I have been using Plantur 39, I also took my hair back to blonde (This meant 2 bleaches and a tint). It has also been trimmed once too, so note there would have been 1cm more growth on sides and 2cm on the back.

Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffeine ShampooHere is some information about the Plantur 39 For Coloured and Stressed Hair…

When washing, the active caffeine ingredient penetrates all the way into the hair follicle, which can be detected after being left on for as little as 120 seconds. A combination of natural wheat extracts and provitamin B5 condition, repair and protect coloured and stressed hair. The damaged hair structure is smoothed and the hair is provided with intensive shine.


The Plantur 39 Shampoo for coloured and stressed hair is actually fairly decent as shampoos go. As I mentioned in a previous post I got on well with Alpecin but hated that it smelt, well… manly. As Plantur 39 is also by Dr Wolff and I believe derived the same way I had high hopes. This product does contain caffeine like Alpecin, but also contains other ingredients more suited to my hair type.

While using Plantur 39 shampoo I noticed my hair had more body. It felt clean and fresh without being dry. I liked the scent which is what I’d class as ‘plant like’. For those who can remember Timotei shampoo from the 80s/90s it smelt like that. The scent lingered on my hair and I liked it. I also noticed it didn’t wash out my toners too quickly like Alpecin (Which stripped them out). So this would be good for those with coloured hair. I will add though that it might fade your colour. I’m back to blonde now and find I need to purple shampoo once a week while using Plantur 39.

As a whole I was impressed with the shampoo and that’s results aside which I’ll talk about later in the post. I found it lathered up well. You could use the normal amount of shampoo you would need and I only needed 1 wash. For the price as this is more of a specialist shampoo marketed at hair growth I felt it was reasonable and met my needs. I would use and buy this again.

Plantur 39 ConditionerHere is some information on the Plantur 39 Conditioner for Coloured and Stressed Hair…

After the age of 40, the hair’s pigment cells can lose their colour performance and the hair turns grey or even white. Women who use colourants as a result inflict stress on hair and scalp. The Plantur 39 Conditioner for coloured and stressed hair regenerates the hair surface and increases hair brilliance. Active avocado components make the hair smooth and easy to style, At the same time, this conditioner protects your scalp.


I have to be completely honest in my reviews and I will be when it comes to this conditioner. It was ok. Nothing great and not terrible. But I found the results on my hair were similar to if I’d used a cheap own brand conditioner for normal. Yes my hair was soft and manageable, but this conditioner didn’t really do a lot.

If you look to the ingredients you will see it does contain caffeine but I found I could easily use a different conditioner (And did in honesty). I don’t feel it did a lot for the money which is a shame. I’m sure there is some science to using this conditioner with the shampoo in the range. But personally I felt it wasn’t worth the outlay and wasn’t anything remarkable. In hindsight I wouldn’t purchase this again as I wasn’t that impressed at all.

Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffeine TonicHere is some information on the Plantur 39 Phtyo Caffeine Tonic…

You should begin no later than the onset of menopause. But even in your younger years, Plantur 39 can help protect the hair roots.

This daily leave-in treatment should be massaged directly into the scalp to provide increased protection from premature hair growth disruptions.


Now with the Plantur 39 Phtyo Caffeine Tonic I felt this did the same if not more than the shampoo! I don’t wash my hair daily and I will say if you do wash your hair daily then you might not need this. However, I was my hair every other day and I used the tonic 1 week after purchasing the shampoo/conditioner. I originally thought I wouldn’t need/use it so didn’t buy it immediately with the other Plantur 39 bits. I kind of wish I had bought it instead of the conditioner and used a different conditioner, still hindsight and all that.

The tonic is used on the days when you aren’t washing your hair. Unlike some ‘treatment’ style products you use this way it doesn’t make your hair feel weird. Yes there is a coating to it, but there wasn’t that sticky, greasy, unworkable hair feel. The tonic is applied to the scalp. It comes out fast and is very thin, water like liquid!

I don’t recommend putting this on your palms and working it through your hair. Instead I used the nozzle and made section in my hair applying this at the roots quite quickly. I then massaged my scalp for maybe 20 seconds? Your hair may feel a little wet at this point. Just leave it for a few minutes if you can before brushing. I usually did this before my makeup. Then I’d do my makeup and my hair after. By that point it would be mostly dry and a quick blast with the hair dryer and I was good to go.

The product smells much like the shampoo and conditioner. Its basically giving your scalp an additional shot of caffeine on the days you aren’t shampooing. I felt this helped a lot and means for those like myself who don’t wash hair daily you are still getting that daily shot of caffeine to the scalp for it to work. I would definitely purchase this product again.

Right so now for the important part of the review! I’m sure many of you will have skipped to this part, but here are my findings…

  • After around 7 days I noticed my hair wasn’t coming out as much. I was losing less hair while brushing and washing.
  • At around 2-3 week mark I felt like my hair line looked thicker. I wish I had photographed this as it was like it was coming more forwards onto my forehead than before.
  • At around 3 weeks I decided to go blonde again. I was worried this system wouldn’t like going over bleach and may dry my hair out – it didn’t. It also didn’t strip the toner I used either.
  • At 4 weeks I had to give my hair a trim. It had grown a fair amount and the ends were looking tatty and needed levelling. Usually I do a maintenance trim at around 6-8 weeks so was impressed I had to do it so early.
  • At the end of my 5th week when I was writing this review I realised even with the trim my hair had grown an inch! Now I can usually get about 1-2 cm of growth in a month, but I cut a least 1cm off of my hair during the trim!
Plantur 39 Hair system results
Plantur 39 Shampoo, Conditioner and Tonic – Before and after results from using this system 5 weeks

So to conclude, do I think Plantur 39 works for me? YES! Without a doubt this product helped my hair loss, it made my hair grow faster and promoted new hair growth too. Even with doing 2 bleaches on my hair and a tint I still say reasonable growth. The results more than met my expectations. I can’t wait to see how long it takes me to grow out my pixie now.

For those wondering how these products fair with a sensitive scalp or skin conditioners. I have psoriasis quite bad on my scalp at present (A stress flare up). But didn’t find the shampoo on conditioner made my condition any worse. I will say the tonic at times stung a little, but this was maybe for a few seconds if that. But over all, I had no reactions to any of this products from Plantur 39.

As I state with all my reviews, you might not achieve the same results if you use these products. Your results may be better, they may not work at all. We are all different after all. But, I will say if you are suffering from hair loss due to age/hormones then I would recommend giving these products a try.

I purchased all 3 of these products from Boots. The Plantur 39 shampoo is £9.75, Conditioner £7.99 and Tonic £10.49.