Phil Smith Coco-Licious Coconut Water Range

Coconuts. Great for your hair, body plus taste amazing too. I use coconut products on my hair to keep it in great condition. Today I’m reviewing the Phil Smith Cocolicious Coconut Water line which will suit everyone.

A couple of years back I reviewed the Phil Smith Cocolicious Coconut Oil range (See Review here). I really loved the range although found it didn’t suit my extensions at the time. The range was also geared more towards dry hair. When I say the new Cocolicious Coconut Water range aimed at fine to normal hair I had to try it. Many people have fine hair, especially those of us that bleach ours to within an inch of its life. We don’t want products that are going to weigh our hair down but do need that hydration put back in. Well, I may have the answer for you right here at a budget friendly price.

CocoLicious Coconut Water Shampoo

For weightless hydration

With coconut water

For fine to normal hair

This gentle shampoo is enriched with the naturally refreshing and hydrating power of Coconut Water. Lightweight and effective, hair is left refreshed & glossy whilst you enjoy the tropical coconut scent. *source*

Phil Smith Cocolicious Coconut Water shampoo is a light weight shampoo. Clear in colour, smells like coconuts and gentle on the hair. I have platinum hair which can be a bit dry at times. When using the shampoo I find my hair is cleansed and hydrated, but not heavy or weighed down. My hair feels soft with a light scent of coconuts. I love how the scent lingers on my hair.

I use toners on my hair to get that icy look and this shampoo did not strip the toner out of my hair faster either. Over all I’ve been really impressed with this shampoo. The only thing that would have impressed me more would have been if it were sulphate free (Which it isn’t). I still highly recommend this shampoo and will be repurchasing it in the future.


Coco Licious Coconut Water Leave in Conditioner

For weightless hydration

With coconut water

For fine to normal hair

Cruelty-Free international

This leave in conditioner will lock in moisture, detangle & help make styling a breeze. All the hydrating benefits of Coconut Water in an ultra lightweight conditioner. Hair will be healthier, happier and easy to manage. *source*

Always read the packaging. When I first used the Phil Smith Cocolicious Coconut Water Leave in Conditioner I didn’t realise it was a leave in conditioner. Call it a blonde moment! I wasn’t that impressed obviously as I’d used the product wrong. Moving forward once I saw my mistake I applied a small amount (About a 2 pence size) to my towel dried hair (Mid-lengths and ends) and combed through. YES! My hair felt soft (Well it did after the shampoo anyway) and smoother. There was still that texture to my hair too.

The conditioner feels very water like. Its so light in the hand that you don’t feel it will do anything. This leave in conditioner really does work for me though. I find since using this I don’t have to apply as many styling products after to smooth my hair. It automatically looks smoother without looking greasy or feeling heavy. You do not need a lot of this leave in conditioner and I find the results do last till the next wash. I’ve always sworn by my Macadamia Oil leave in treatment, but this works just as well and costs one fifth of the price! Plus you’ve that gorgeous scent of coconuts too. Highly recommend this product!

Coco Licious Coconut Water Texture Spray

For effortless waves

With coconut water

For all hair types

Cruelty-Free international

This texturizing spray creates natural waves and defined texture, with a soft not salty feel. You’ll have instant beach hair with a fresh & tropical scent.*source*

Since cutting my hair short, texture and sea salt sprays are a daily must. I’ve always used a sea salt spray on towel dried hair so was intrigued to try the Phil Smith Cocolicious Coconut Water Texture Spray. Wow! This texture spray works so much better on my hair than the sea salt sprays.

Firstly the product does not dry my hair out. Nor does my hair feel crispy. I apply the texture spray to towel dried hair. I spray around my hair and then worn the product through my hair with a comb. I then can either blow dry my hair (I get good texture, hold and glossy looking hair using this product) or how I’ve been really loving this product is letting my hair air dry. Every time I let it air dry my style dries so beautifully I cannot fault it! In fact I only apply a small amount of wax to the undercut areas. I also find I do not get build up with this texture spray either. It smells just like holidays, works fantastic on my hair and is so cheap, this is a bargain!

Phil Smith Coco-Licious Coconut Water Range – My hair using just this range and no other styling products (Air dried)

To conclude I cannot fault the Cocolicious Coconut Water range form Phil Smith. I am exceptionally fussy when it comes to my hair but these products are amazing. Add to that the products are also VERY reasonably priced. Each product is £3.50 plus you are getting good amounts of product too. I love that the range works well on both normal and fine hair. I do feel this range will be beneficial for those with fine hair who struggle getting hydrating products that do not weigh their locks down. I’m a huge fan and will be keeping these stocked in my bathroom for the foreseeable future!

The complete Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Cocolicious Coconut Water range is available at Sainsburys. All products are £3.50 each (Currently on offer for £2.50 each). 

For more information on Phil Smith and their products, why not checkout their Website, Facebook or Twitter?