Its almost Spring (We hope) and that means new collections! Today is my spotlight on the Paul & Joe Beaute My Secret Garden limited edition Collection Spring 2014.

Paul & Joe Beaut My Secret Garden limited edition Collection Spring 2014

Paul & Joe Beaute My Secret Garden limited edition Collection Spring 2014

As you all know I adore Paul & Joe Beaute and always feature their new collections. The new ‘My Secret Garden’ collection is beautiful and today I will be showing you all the beautiful things that make it up. In a separate post I will also be reviewing some things from the collection and showing you swatches (Let me just say, they are worth waiting for!).

‘My Secret Garden’ is inspired by the pastel shades of Spring, from the beautiful flowers and their blooms. Delicate, light and pretty, the collections inspirations are perfect for those who prefer a lighter palette.

(L-r) Lipstick shades - Poppy (084), Poeny (085) and Rosebud (086)  Cases - 012 Mint, 013 Retro and 086 Horses

(L-r) Lipstick shades – Poppy (084), Poeny (085) and Rosebud (086)
Cases – 012 Mint, 013 Retro and 086 Horses

Beautiful lipsticks with a touch of colour. Do not be put off by how these vibrant shades look, they are truly pretty on the lips leaving you soft and kissed by the first days of Spring. Ingredients include Lavender Oil, Orange Flower Water and White Lily Extract which soothe, moisturise and ensure they are suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types.

As you will know if you have seen previous Paul & Joe collections, they lipsticks and cases are sold separately. This way you can mix and match to get your favourite design. I love this idea as it means none of your lipsitcks look alike and you can easily find what you are after buy having a beautifully unique case.

Imagine two flower petals infused with moisture from a spring rain shower, and a kiss of colour from PAUL & JOE.‘ *source*

The lipsticks refills are £14 each;

Poppy (084) – This cheerful fresh orange is reminiscent of a beautiful Poppy flower
Poeny (085) – An exciting baby pink is perfect for lips that want to make a statement
Rosebud (086) – A sheer, deep red suggests secret passion
The lipstick cases are £7 each;
012 – A mint green case reminiscent of spring’s freshness
013 – This retro pattern evokes fields of wildflowers waiting to be explored
086 – A bold horse print to inspire adventure
Face Powder

Face Powder and Face Brush

Spring’s sweet song of the robin has inspired the latest Face Powder from Paul & Joe Beauté. This bird’s nest-inspired packaging reveals a face powder that mixes four gentle hues of blue, white, pink and yellow to give a balanced blend for a beautiful complexion. The notes of blue are reminiscent of blue robin eggs and naturally improve skin tone. The delicate, silky powder applies to create radiant, glowing skin for a day or evening look. The powder contains Silk and White Lily Extract which moisturise and make it suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types. *source – press release*

Having tried loose powder before from Paul & Joe and loved it I can only imagine this beautiful face powder with its different colour spheres will be amazing. The casing is so pretty and reminds me of vintage pottery in my Nan’s kitchen when I was a child. The face brush is an ideal addition to the collection for application.

Like the first hatchlings of spring, you’ll feel reborn from the delicate touch of these radiant, colourful spheres of translucent powder.‘*source*

The Face Powder is £28 and the Face Brush is £21

(l-r) Nail Enamels - Lily (036), Hyacinth (037), Petunia (038), Buttercup (039) and Carnation (040)

(l-r) Nail Enamels – Lily (036),
Hyacinth (037), Petunia (038),
Buttercup (039) and Carnation (040)

Nothing says Spring like beautiful new nail polish. The nail enamel shades for Spring from Paul & Joe are beautiful and not what you are expecting! The colours are layer-able, which means you can mix and match them. With a touch of sparkle it and a hint of colour, these are a perfect addition to your nail colours.

A spring bouquet of flowers blooming right at your finger tips!‘*source*

The Nail Enamels are £14 each;
Lily (036) – A purifying pink white
Hyacinth (037) – An opaque ocean blue
Petunia(038) – A light touch of playful pink
Buttercup (039) – A cheerful sunflower yellow to brighten up your day
Carnation (040) – A sheer vermillion heartthrob red


Color Powders (l-r) - Dahlia (088),  Amaryllis (090) and Azalea (089)

Color Powders (l-r) – Dahlia (088), Amaryllis (090) and Azalea (089)

The new Colour Powder from Paul & Joe Beauté is inspired by the beauty and elegance of a Spring Blossom. Blend and contour, using the Face Brush, with three eye-catching powder room pieces in colours that give you the option to create a look that is subtly pink or ravishingly rosy. *source – press release*

The Color Powders are probably one of the products I am most excited about in the whole Spring Collection from Paul & Joe. Each colour powder is a multi-purpose pressed powder and can be used in a variety of ways on the face and are not just for use on the cheeks. Although there are 2 colours on the top of the product, the pattern powder colour is not all the way through to the pan.

Bloom with the fresh colours of flowers, and blossom in the rich vibrant tones of spring.‘*source*

The Color Powders are £20 each;

Dahlia (088) – A gorgeous coral orange to give you a fresh morning glow
Azalea (089) – A brilliant pink leaves the cheeks naturally flushed
Amaryllis (090) – A radiant red perfect for all occasions


So there you have it, the very beautiful Limited Edition ‘My Secret Garden’ collection from Paul & Joe Beaute for Spring 2014. I adore the colours, so pretty and feminine! My favourite collection will always be MEOW! as I loved the casings of the products, but I have to say the colours in this collection are so pretty I think this may now be my new favourite for products!

The Paul & Joe Beaute My Secret Garden limited edition Collection Spring 2014 is available from, from 18th January in store at Harrods, Fenwick, Selfridges and from 1st February on

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