Panache Lingerie – 10 Years of Tango Range Plus Review of Balconnet Superbra and Briefs

I have never been asked to review underwear before, but can honestly say this is one of those reviews I am so glad I got the chance to do! When you are a larger breasted lady it can be hard to find good quality underwear, especially if you don’t want to look like you are wearing something your Nan wore back in the 40’s (Unless that is the look you are trying to acheive)!  Many lingerie companies forget about the ladies who are a D+ cup size and we are left with un-matching sets which look dowdy and boring. I like my underwear to be worn in sets, look good and comfortable, but also make me feel womanly, dare I say sexy?

Panache are celebrating 10 Years of their most popular best-selling bra, the Tango range.

Panache are a brand I have known about probably since I first ever wore a bra. I remember my Mum buying their underwear and its a brand that I trust. With Panache lingerie you are getting quality, comfort but also beautiful underwear that caters for sizes D to a KK cup (28 – 40″)!

Their briefs are also available in a magnitude of sizes from size 8-20 (Uk sizes). Something you don’t often see for the slim ladies who are blessed in the chest department.

I was sent the very beautiful Panache Superbra Tango Balconnet Bra and Briefs in the Tutti Fruiti design. Here is my thoughts on the bra and briefs in both quality, sizing and comfortability.

The first thing I noticed about the bra and briefs was the quality of fabrics used. The fabric felt soft to the touch and looked extremely comfortable. I was also impressed with the stitching and straps, especially on the bra. When you are buying larger bras often the just make the cup sizes bigger but don’t take into account that we may need ‘support’ elsewhere. The stitching looked strong, the straps on the bra looked comfortable and there was also much room for altering the straps for a perfect fit.

At the back of the Tango Balconnet bra there is a secure hook and eye system. The 3 sets of eyes allow for a good comfortable fit – especially if you are having a ‘bloated’ day.

The design of the Tutti Fruiti fabric is a rich peach colour with red, coral and purple embroidery. Its a pretty leaf like pattern which I really liked. As this is the balconnet bra (And not the push-up version) there is no padding at all, so the fabric is sheer. However, I would like to point out you can’t see anything you wouldn’t want showing (I’ve had that problem with bras and blouses before!).

As many of you will know you can shop with one brand and be ‘x’ size and then shop with another and it will completely change. When I was asked what size I would like I went with my ‘general’ size I find I am (Marks and Spencers, Debenhams and Next).

The Tango Balconnet Bra came up perfectly in size. It fitted comfortably in the cup, perfectly under the cup and the straps once adjusted felt good and safe on my shoulders (I often find as my shoulder slant quite a bit that bra straps slip off of me, this was not the case with the Panache Superbra Tango Balconnet).

In all honestly I have NEVER had a more comfortable better fitting bra than this one. It feels so good on, almost like I’m not wearing one but with all the support I need. I didn’t feel the need to alter, shift about or adjust myself like I need to do with some bras. It was just a perfect fit!

The briefs I was dubious about. I was blessed (Or cursed) with child bearing hips, in other words I have ‘big booty’. I also have had 5 c-sections leaving me with an unsightly stomach and a lot of excess skin. This makes buying briefs that fit me comfortably a hard task. It is very hit and miss when it comes to finding some. I asked to try these in the size I generally am on the bottom half. The briefs were also a perfect fit! I was completely gobsmacked as buying underwear is usually a chore for me especially with sizing and this set felt like it had been made for me.

I loved the attention to detail with the briefs too, they look great from the front but also have a really cute ‘keyhole’ design at the back with a little bow there too.

Over all, I can honestly say I know I’ve never had a better fitting underwear set. Both the bra and briefs are so comfortable, they look good on, feel amazing against my skin and they make me feel womanly too. I can now see me spending a fortune on Panache Lingerie as its a brand I know that works for me and my body.

You can see the full range of Panache Lingerie including swimwear and sports wear at their website –

There is also a great advice section telling you how to measure yourself for a bra which I think is something many of us don’t do and should. It doesn’t just mean a better fitting bra, it can also help with; back ache, better shape and less strain on the shoulders.

The Panache Superbra Balconnet and Briefs are available at The bra costs £25.00 and the briefs are £17.00.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx

*This product was sent to me for review purposes by Best British Bloggers and Panache*

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