Recently I’ve been wearing my hair in a beach wave style most days. I have been using the OSMO Matt Sea Spray to create my look and wanted to share with you my thoughts on it…

 OSMO Matt Sea Spray

Here is some information on the OSMO Matt Sea Spray…

California dreamin’… evoke the beach babe and surfer chic look

Mattifying texturiser sea spray for gritty and messed up hair.

  • Mattifying texture spray with a light citrus fragrance
  • Beach style chic with flexible movement for a long lasting finish
  • Lightweight formula adds volume with natural movement
  • Matt finish for a trendy stylish look


Now the whole beachy waves look isn’t really about how you curl your hair at all, its more about what product you use after. Granted if you do a poodle perm style curl you aren’t going to be able to create beach waves, but a nice loose curl (Using a conical wand or 1″ barrell tong) leaving a good 1-2″ of hair uncurled at the ends and only curling the hair from the ear height down will create movement and waves. I always prefer to use a spray rather than texture wax or cream after curling my hair as it can get too much volume and not enough texture. I have used at least 6 different brands of sea salt sprays and the OSMO Matt Sea Spray is my one of choice at present.

What makes this spray different from others is it doesn’t leave my hair crunchy. I get texture and movement without it being stiff like I’ve used a lot of hair spray. My waves are nicely separated too. I also find that its great to spray a couple of pumps of the Sea Spray onto my hands and then work this through the ends too, this add more of a ‘bit’ like texture to the ends. It holds my waves like a hair spray, but without the crunch!

Unlike many Sea Sprays I find I don’t need a lot of this product to create good texture either and can actually get a brush through my hair after or the next day when I need too (As long as you don’t apply too much). All too often I find you need to wash your hair after using a sea salt spray as the product’s a nightmare to work on after and its just too sticky or stiff. However, I find although there is a ‘texture’ on my hair after using the OSMO Matt Sea Spray, I can still brush it and put it up the following day or even re-curl it.

This spray is also great if you are wearing a messy bun and want to add texture to that. Or you can also use it to create a similar effect to the texture volumising powders by spraying it into your roots and then blowdrying your hair upside down with a few blasts of the hair dryer. I have even used this on my son’s hair like a texture putty by rubbing it through my hands and messy up his hair to give him that messy men ‘do’ so many guys favour.

3-5 minute beach curls curls and some OSMO Matt Sea Spray and I'm ready to go

3-5 minute beach curls curls and some OSMO Matt Sea Spray and I’m ready to go

Over all, the OSMO Salt Spray is my spray of choice at present, although I find the fragrance of it a little unusual (Its slightly floral like), I do love the effect it has on my hair and with only needing to use a little product means it will probably last me most of the Summer too!

The OSMO Salt Spray costs £8.50 for 250ml. OSMO products are available from Salon Services stores nationwide. For your nearest stockist visit

For more information on OSMO and their product line, why not check out their Website, Facebook or Twitter?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx

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