NYX The Skinny Mascara

We all know I love a mascara, today’s review is on the NYX The Skinny Mascara which I’ve been wearing for about a week now and thought it was about time I shared my thoughts on and a few before and afters too!

NYX The Skinny Mascara

Here is some information on the NYX The Skinny Mascara…

Our ultra-skinny mascara brush is perfect for coating hard to reach lashes from root to tip and even along the bottom lash line!

Finally the smallest thinnest lashes can get extra special attention too.

The water resistant formula and micro brush work together to create the appearance of long beautifully defined lashes.


I admit I have a lot of mascaras. Its my weakness when it comes to makeup and at present have at least 8 different ones opened (Which is pretty crap when they only have a life of 6 months!). I buy one and can’t not try it straight away and when I saw The Skinny Mascara from NYX I got a little excited. A while back I wanted to try the It Cosmetics TightLine Mascara. With its ULTRA thin brush it really did look like it was going to give that super natural mascara look, being able to get right to the root without creating too much volume but not sacrificing on length. Till this day I’ve still not tried the It Cosmetics ones, but when I saw NYX Skinny mascara I couldn’t get over the similarity with the brushes (In pictures of course). So had to try it! For those who have tried the It Cosmetics one, I’m curious.. Could this be a good dupe for it? As they look so similar!

NYX The Skinny Mascara

The mascara comes in a tube super similar to their liquid liner, in fact they are about the same size and easy to confuse if you aren’t reading the writing on the tubes! I love that it has a longer than average wand handle (?!), so you really do have a nice steady control when applying.

NYX The Skinny Mascara

The brush is what’s unique with The Skinny Mascara. Its ultra thin and slightly curved. I would say 2mm maybe? I’ve not actually measured it but I hope you can see by the pics. The brush really isn’t much thicker than the plastic bit before it on the wand! You could instantly tell if nothing else this would make an amazing bottom lash mascara, but I still had high hopes for what it would do for my lashes…

NYX The Skinny Mascara application
NYX The Skinny Mascara application

I adore this mascara! This in my opinion is the perfect ‘natural/my lashes but better’ mascara. You can build it up admittedly although I do prefer just 1 coat, but this is going to be so perfect in the summer when I reduce my makeup or am having a more natural day. I love one coat of this and being waterproof means its grabs on and doesn’t go anywhere. I popped this on at 7:30am in the morning and at 11pm at night it hadn’t budged (Until I rubbed my eyes through being tired). Now that is lasting power. Being waterproof it does need some assistance when coming off, but I found my cleanser (I’m using Cetaphil at present) and then a quick wipe over with eye makeup remover after removed all traces without rubbing. So, not bad in honesty. I love how black it is, it really does look lovely on and its great for those who don’t like a heavy mascara or want something for on holiday which will emphasise their lashes and is waterproof. I didn’t have any problems with sensitivity nor did I notice a huge scent/fragrance to this product. This definitely is one of my favourite mascaras so far for 2016 and I highly recommend it!

Some Boots stores now have NYX kiosks which is brilliant as finally we could swatch those bad boys (Although Chelmsford is still hugely lacking with one!!), so I ordered this mascara directly from Boots.com. It costs £6.50.

For more information on NYX and their products, why not checkout their Website, Facebook or Twitter?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx