NYC Natural Matte Foundation 002 Sand

Recently I’ve been abusing offers in Superdrug, today’s post is on the NYC Natural Matte Foundation I picked up and why I think its one of the best ‘on a budget’ foundations I’ve tried!

NYC Natural Matte Foundation 002 Sand

Here’s a little information about the NYC Natural Matte Foundation…

Get rid of your shining, oily skin and treat yourself to dreamy shine-free glow! New York Color’s Natural Matte foundation will make you look your best, in even the harshest light. Be in the spotlight and pose as if you were the queen of New York’s Fashion Week. Your skin will look perfectly matte and natural for up to 12 hours.


Lately while going through my massive collection of foundations I noticed I hadn’t got many matte ones nor tried many either. Being someone with drier skin, matte foundations can be pretty unforgiving. However, I like a matte look and don’t like to over powder to get it. When I saw Superdrug had a 3 for £5 offer on NYC cosmetics (I think they are discontinuing the brand in their stores but you can still pick up NYC products online) I got this foundation on a whim and since then have also ordered another one as I love it that much!

Granted the shade range is not fantastic although that may be more due to Superdrug not stocking many. However, I managed to get Sand 002 which is a little bit dark for me but not so much it looks terrible. Also, if I do set this with powder I just use one of my lighter ones and BOOM, it looks perfect.

NYC Natural Matte Foundation 002 Sand swatch
NYC Natural Matte Foundation 002 Sand swatch

The product is fairly thick as foundations go and is in a squeezable tube. So, it does mean apply a small amount at a time otherwise you could be wasting a lot. The product does blend out really well though on the skin even without a primer. In fact, this is one of those foundations I prefer to use without a primer as I find it adheres to my skin better.

The finish is a demi matte in my opinion. It looks really lovely on, natural and not stark looking. My skin looks healthy and not cakey. In fact with this being a medium coverage foundation I’ve found one layer worked in with my buffing brush is enough to cover almost all of my discolouration and old scaring. I then apply a VERY small amount in a stippling motion over any fresh scars and they are concealed too.

NYC Natural Matte Foundation 002 Sand - (Left) Without Foundation (Right) With Foundation
NYC Natural Matte Foundation 002 Sand – (Left) Without Foundation (Right) With Foundation (Foundation only, no concealer, powder etc)

Obviously I know you are thinking with something so cheap it won’t last 5 minutes on your skin right? Well, I’ve really put this to the test. I’ve worn this 6 hours while doing sweaty ironing and housework and have a manic day (It does happy on occasion) and the foundation lasted amazingly well! In fact better than my Colorstay, MAC or Clinique! Remember I do have drier skin and will say, those with oiler skin will probably need a primer and more powder touch ups, but on my self this has become my new favourite. So much so I’m going to look online to get the lighter shade as I’ve been wearing it daily!

So over all, this is my new favourite foundation.If you follow my instagram you’ll see this is the one I bang on about. Whether on a budget or not, I would definitely check this one out! I’m a covert and have already tried other products by NYC and love those too (Reviews coming soon I promise).

The NYC Natural Matte Foundation costs around £2.99 for 30ml of product. Currently available in Superdrug, but is available online if you search Google too.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx