As many of you will know if you have a bit of obsession for on trend nails; texture is the new gloss! Many of you will have previously seen caviar (Nail beads), decals (Stickers and gems) and air brushing designs (Using nail varnish and even stencils with glitters). There’s so much choice these days if you love to decorate your nails. This makes my job even more exciting as it means a greater choice and more designs for my clients.Granted I am obsessed with painting my nails and trying something new on them, but when I say a Tweet last week of a Velvet Mani I had to find out more!


I was extremely lucky when I enquired about more information to be sent a sample to share with you. So, let me show you the Velvet Manicure and tell you a little more about it!

A few words about the Velveteen the Velvet Manicure…

Textured tips and nail finishes are this year’s hottest trend. Leading the way when it comes to manicure trends ~ from 3D to crackle coats, from matte and magnetic polishes ~ Original Sugar has launched the next big thing in fingertip fashion.

Our own Sam Biddle has created the Velveteen Manicure. Soft as velvet but built to last. Velveteen may give the impression you have dipped your fingers in fairy dust but it’s deceivingly hard wearing and waterproof too!

Available in 12 stunning colours this inexpensive product creates a rich, luxurious effect to natural nails or enhancements. Whether you are applying it to the whole nail or incorporating it within nail art it takes your design to a whole different level.  Combine with Swarovski Crystals, gold or silver leaf or other nail art techniques to give even more depth to your creations.


My first impressions when I saw Velveteen were just ‘Wow’. Something so simple and yet it really looks amazing. My first challenge was finding a blue that was close to the Velveteen I was sent (I believe mine is the Light Blue). It does say to use a colour polish close to the colour of the Velveteen for the best effect – I used Nails Inc Baker Street (Which as many of you will know if one of my favourite colours!).

I applied 2 coats of polish so I had a good finish. To apply the Velveteen is so easy and is actually quite fun too. Just apply your top coat  so your nail is wet (I would recommend using a top coat which isn’t quick drying, I found when I used a quick dry top coat the Velveteen didn’t last as long nor was the finish as nice. So, use a top coat that’s fairly wet.), then shake the Velveteen over your nail. Allow to dry and brush the excess back into the pot (I found doing it over a piece of paper, meant I got any of the bits of Velveteen I missed and then ‘funnelled’ those back into the pot too). You hardly use any at all and a small 5 gram pot will probably last a good few sets of nails if not a lot more. The nails after feel, well like velvet. Smooth and soft. Feeling it you would think it would just ‘flake’ or ‘brush’ off as its such a strange texture, but its hard wearing and durable.

To remove the velvet manicure, just take it off with your usual nail polish remover.

I love on trend products; crackles have been done to death, I’m even beginning to feel that way about nail caviar. But Velveteen, is so new its just exciting! I have not seen anyone with anything like it and am sure I’ll be getting a few questions on the school run and from friends about where the product came from!

As with many of the new on trend products for nails I think they can be a little expensive, but Velveteen by Original Sugar is just £4.95 a pot. With 12 colours to choose from there’s lots of fun creations you can make and try. I will definitely be ordering Hot Pink, Black and White as I can think of lots of fun designs to do to make my nails and clients more fun!

For more information about the Velvet Manicure as created by Sam Biddle, please check out the Original Sugar website.

What are your thoughts on the Velvet Mani? Would you have one?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx