NOTD/Review: MUA Makeup Academy Nail Constellations in Leo and Libra

I’ve been wanting to try the MUA Makeup Academy Constellations since the first time I heard they were coming out. Finally today I was able to get some in my Superdrug (Which has FINALLY added to its MUA line and now carries the Professional line too!) and have bought Leo and Libra to share with you.

For those who don’t know what the constellations are, they are a form of nail art if you like. Known as many things in the industry (Which I’m not going to go into for there is much controversy over copyright and these little balls!) they are micro sized balls which are applied to wet nails to give texture and colour. Your nails have a 3D look and feel and they are quite fetching in appearance too. MUA Make Up Academy’s version is called ‘Nail Constellations’ which I feel is a really apt name.

Nail Constellations in Leo (Left) and Libra (Right)

The 2 that I purchased today to share with you are Leo (Magenta and Jade) and Libra (Black and Jade). Both are really striking and will go with an array of nail varnish colours.

Nail Constellations in Leo (Left) and Libra (Right)

I found the application quite easy. I recommend having a sheet of paper under your hand when applying the micro beads, that way afterwards you can pour them easily back into the container – trust me they will go everywhere! Apply your nail varnish as normal and while wet pour the balls onto the nail (You can control the flow to a degree by squeezing the nozzle on the container). Gently pat them onto the nail so they embed into the wet nail varnish and allow them to set. The nail varnish acts like an adhesive, no top coat is required. They are easily removed afterwards with nail varnish remover like you would remove your normal polish.

Nail Constellations in Leo (Left) and Libra (Right)

I have to say I’m loving this new take on nail art and its so easily anyone can do it. I was really impressed with the over all appearance and for the price of £2.50 per post of Nail Constellations I felt it was good value too. I can see this being a very popular trend through Autumn, Winter and the party seasons! I’m not sure how long they will last on the nails, due to the texture – this is something I will have to add an update for at another point.

MUA products can be purchased from selected Superdrug stores, online at Superdrug and online at the MUA Store. The Nail Constellations are £2.50 each for 15g of product, for more information please check them out at MUA.

For more information on MUA Makeup Academy and their products why not check out their website,Facebook or Twitter?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx

*nail varnishes use with Leo was La Femme Beauty in Iced Blue Cream
*nail varnishes use with Libra was H&M in Moody Model