I got this Smooch Black Current nail varnish the other day as part of my Smooch order and was looking forward to trying it. It is more of a Autumn/Winter colour for me but with the horrible weather we’ve had already it feels like Autumn is already upon us!

The photos today were taken with my SLR Nikon D50. I have applied 2 coats of Smooch Black Current nail polish to my nails and have not added any additional top coat as it just doesn’t need it! The finish is beautiful and the polish is lovely and thick. The brush has a lovely shape too it, I find some brushes can be too big as I have fairly narrow nails but this was just right and accurate!

Smooch Black Current Nail Varnish With Flash

Smooch Black Current Nail Varnish Without Flash

Smooch Cosmetics as currently running an offer on their website till 16th September and everything is 50% (No minimum order!!). This nail polish is usually £6.50 but you can pick them up for £3.25 at present! They have some amazing shades and if the finish is anything to go by on this Black Current polish I think at £3.25 they are a complete steal!

Have you tried Smooch Cosmetics yet?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx